Thursday, May 14, 2015

Real Runner Problems

Please note that I use the word “runner” rather loosely because … well, you know.

So today on my run I started thinking about a bunch of things that runners face that can be a nuisance.  Apparently I ran into a lot of them today because I came up with this list.  And it still ended up being a great run, so go figure.  So here goes…


(don’t ask why I chose to hashtag that)

Apprehension.  I peeked ahead at my Couch to 10K app last night to see what I was running today.  As I told you yesterday, Tuesday’s run was tough on me.  The running intervals are getting longer, and the longer they get, the more apprehensive I get. Like “OMG, can I really run for 4 minutes?”  (FYI, the answer to that dumb question is yes, duh)  Tuesday’s run was 3 minutes of running, 2 minutes of walking, 4 minutes running, 3 minutes walking (repeat 2x) and then 3 running and 2 walking – and that was kind of hard.  The 4 minute intervals were tough.  So when I saw that today’s intervals included 5 minutes of running I was like “aw, hell no.”  I got a little nervous about it and sort of dreaded it a little bit.  I let apprehension and a little bit of self-doubt in.  No bueno!  So when I set off on my run today, I made a deal with myself to take it S-L-O-W and told myself that I could get through it.  And I did!  The 5 minutes were, surprisingly, a piece of cake.  So don’t let apprehension or self-doubt get you or deter you from reaching you goals!  (how inspirational am I today?)

Finding the right pace.  As you all know, I am a slow runner.  Like, so slow it’s probably considered walking.  Whatever, it works for me.  And hey, slow running is better than no running in my book.  Anyway, sometimes when I take off on my running intervals I take off a little too fast for me, which is bad because it leads to me getting tired really fast and then I end up walking, so I always have to remind myself “go slow, go SLOW!”  The slower I go, the longer I go, and that’s good when you have to keep it up for 5 minutes or 5 miles.  This is the complete opposite mentality of most runners, but I’m not most runners.  I am the tortoise – slow and steady wins every time.

Shoes.  Finding the right pair of running shoes is crucial.  I found my perfect pair years and years ago – the Adidas Supernova Glide (they used to be called the Adidas Supernova Cushion back in the day).  They are a cushion shoe and after trying all kinds of different makers and styles, I always go back to this shoe because it’s just perfect for my foot.  The problem though is I need new ones.  Bad.  I have a hole the size of a silver dollar in the toe of my shoe.  Like to a point where I can see my sock poking out.  It’s bad.  And embarrassing.  I’m trying desperately to hold on a little longer until our trip to Sanibel at the end of the month, because we always hit the outlets on the way to or from Sanibel, but we may have to make a trip to our local outlet soon because the hole is so big I’m starting to pick up rocks as I run.  Hee.  Or there’s always the fun of running through a puddle and ending up with a wet sock.  Yeah, it’s bad.

It's bad when you can see the foam sticking out, right? 

Sprinklers.  The reference to a wet sock is a good segue into this one.  Why must sprinklers always sprinkle the sidewalks?  I am constantly dodging streams of water on my morning runs – nice if you want a cool down, not so much if you don’t.

Busted.  I listen to awesome music when I run, because it motivates me.  Today I was listening to an awesome playlist and I was jamming out to an old Christina Aguilera jam and lip synching like I was a contestant on LipSync Battle.  Yes, lip syncing and running – I can multi-task.  During my mini concert I was running towards a parked car.  I didn’t realize until I got closer that there was someone sitting in that car who witnessed my entire concert.  True story.  And embarrassing.  But did that stop me from lip syncing more on my run?  Hell no.

John Krasinski doing Tina Turner on Lip Sync Battle

And yes, I do dream of being on Lip Sync Battle.

That’s it!  Hopefully you found this list helpful, or inspirational, or at least a little entertaining. 

How about you … What are your real runner problems?  Or #realrunnerproblems (if you're into hashtags)?  

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  1. I lip sync when I run. It helps me remember to breathe and I'm less focused on breathing, my stride, my pace, etc. Unlike most runners, I don't think about problems that need to be solved while I run. Instead, I tune out and jam to my tunes.
    I do all of the wrong things when I run: I chew gum (helps with cotton mouth), listen to music really loud, lipsync my tunes and in general don't pay attention to others around me. Oh well. Being a 2nd dan Black belt in karate helps with the reaction time in case I get mugged! :P
    I absolutely love the Adidas Boost. Its a neutral shoe with a lot of cushioning. Give it a try when you go for new shoes.
    I also live in calf sleeves. I was never a fan of them until I started to get shin splints. They keep the muscles warm and are tight enough to work like KT tape on shin splints.