Monday, June 29, 2015

Beachy Waves

Hello! It's another week, and thankfully, it's a short week! Thanks to the 4th falling on a Saturday, I get Friday off of work. And since I still have 3494 vacation days left this year (because apparently I never take vacation) I thought I'd make it a 4-day weekend and take Thursday off as well. We have absolutely zero plans for the 4th, so it's going to be a completely uneventful 4-day weekend.  I cannot wait! 

I am not going to be able to get out and run this week, so I have come up with a plan to do some T25 and some awesome Pinterest workouts I recently pinned to keep myself honest and on the workout wagon. I cannot lose momentum. (Even though I lost a little last week, meh) I'll let you know how that all goes. 

Can we talk about beachy waves for a minute? Every single magazine I have read in the last month or so has tips on how to create beachy waves for your hair. I don't even fully know what beachy waves are (when I'm at the beach my hair is in a bun on top of my head because it's so damn hot), but I wanted to try it. 

I bought the tools - mousse and sea salt spray, which I'm pretty sure is just water and salt, so I'm bummed I spent $4 on it - and I was ready to go. The "recipe" calls for you to air dry your hair, which is horrifying to me because my hair looks all kinds of funktified when I do that. So I followed all the directions - 1) wash hair; 2) apply mousse to damp hair; 3) spritz in sea salt spray; 4) twirl up 1 inch sections; 5) let air dry - and when you take it down and flip over your head, voila, beachy waves. 

Apparently this does not work if you have naturally wavy/curly hair (which I do). Because I ended up looking like I had a 90s spiral perm (and yes, I had a perm in the 90s, didn't you?). It was poodle-rific and all kinds of no ... just no. Not what I was going for at all. I took a picture, but it was so bad I deleted it immediately. So sorry I can't give you a visual, but it was ugly.

So back to the drawing board on beachy waves for me. Maybe if I start with dry, straightened hair it will work better? I dunno. I watched a tutorial on Lauren Conrad's website on how to do beachy waves and she did it with dried, straight hair but used a curling iron to do it - something else that horrifies me. I cannot work a curling iron to save my soul. I hank it's because I'm a lefty. We're just going to go with that as my excuse... Yeah. 

Anyway, that's all for today. Hope your Monday is going great!! 

How about you ... Beachy waves - yay or nay?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Randomness - Geek Out

How is it already Friday?!

I’ve been meaning to drop in and say hello all week and it just hasn’t happened.  This week flew by! 

Here’s some randomness that’s been going on this week…

- I’m super bummed, but I only got one run in this week (so far!).  Between early morning work meetings and a couple of nights where I only got a few hours of sleep (seriously, why can I not fall back asleep if I wake up in the middle of the night?!), running just did not happen.  I’m bummed too because it was my first week with the dreaded 10 minute intervals.  Ah well, that’s life, I’ll get back on track.  There’s always the weekend!

- Speaking of those 10 minute intervals…  Tuesday was my first C210K Week 6 run with a full on 10 minute running interval on the plan.  The plan called for a 5 minute walk, 10 minute run, repeated 2x with a 5 minute walking cooldown at the end.  I probably have not run a full 10 minutes without a walking break since, geez, back when I actually trained for half marathons (2008?).  Yeah, so this was a big deal.  After mastering the 8 minute intervals last week (after how many weeks?), I was ready to rumble.  And I’m happy to report it wasn’t bad!  The first 10 minute interval was much easier than the second one, but neither made me want to lay down on the sidewalk and die, so that’s good.  And actually the 5 minute walking interval in between was a little too long.  I could have done a 2 or 3 minute walk and been okay.  And actually Day 2 of Week 6 does that – 10 minute run, 3 minute walk, 10 minute run.  Unfortunately I never made it to Day 2 this week … tomorrow maybe! 

- I have started binge watching Veep. 

It’s freaking great!  Hilarious!  I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and she is so ridiculously funny in this.  And I’m happy to see Anna Chlumsky on the screen as well.  Hello, Vada Sultenfuss from My Girl (the first movie I ever cried at). 

 Are we really that old - that was 1991!?
- There has been no swimming this week due to weather.  ARGH!  Jillian had a really good swim on Monday, but we’ve been rained out ever since.  Here’s hoping tonight the lightning stays away! 

- Not sure if anyone saw on my Instagram (or if you follow), but Jordyn ("J") sent this earlier this week.

She has her own Barbie doll!  When you press the Barbie's necklace, Jordyn's voice comes out of the Barbie doll.  I am totally geeking out.  She got an awesome gig as the singing voice of Courtney in the new Barbie Rock n Royals movie and now she has her own action figure.  I am loving this.  You know Jillian will have a Jordyn Barbie!!  Go buy one on Amazon.  You know you want to !

- Next week I have a 3-day workweek – woop!  We have Friday off for the 4th, so I decided to make it a 4-day weekend and take Thursday off too.  Happy Independence Day to me!  

OK, that's all I've got.  Hope your Friday and your weekend are fab!!

How about you ... Any good weekend plans?  

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Babble

Howdy!  Happy Monday! 

This weekend was so super low key, it was awesome in a boring sort of way, but sometimes you need those!  Here’s what’s been going on…

- Friday night Jillian’s swimming lesson got rained out, so we just hung out and had dinner with the in-laws and then Hubs had an event for his 20 year high school reunion that evening, so Jillian and I chilled and wore tiaras in our PJs. 

- On Saturday morning, I inexplicably woke up at 6.  Hate that.  I laid there for a while and then decided to go for a walk.  I wasn’t planning on working out at all on Saturday since I did 4 days of running and working out during the week, but I was up, so I figured a walk would be a good thing.  

The post-exercise selfies continue...

I took a 30 minute walk and then did this full body workout from Pop Sugar that Courtney shared last week.  This workout was AWESOME!  I am still feeling it.  I love feeling sore from a good workout.  Is that weird?    

- Saturday we did a few errands and then came home.  Once home, I accomplished many things during Jillian’s nap – I read two magazines, gave myself a mani/pedi and finished my book (Sarah Pekkanen’s The Best of Us – it was good!).  I love checking things off my list.

- Can someone tell me what happened to Ashley Greene’s belly button on the new cover of Health magazine?  Her belly button is either really high, or really low, or they totally Photoshopped it out.  Either way, I couldn’t stop staring at this cover because it was so weird looking.

 Maybe it's behind the button on her jeans?

- Saturday night Hubs had his high school reunion.  I opted to stay home and chill with the Jill again.  We had a blast and played and watched Father of the Bride 2, which is one of the bestest movies ever next to Father of the Bride.  Hubs had a fun night at his reunion and even caught up with an old friend.

Yeah, that’s Joey Fatone. (sorry for the super dark photo, not my doing)  They graduated together, had a few classes together, knew each other.  No biggie.  I’m totally impressed he showed up to the reunion.  He even hosted an after party that Hubs went to.  Now I’m kind of kicking myself for not going because that could have totally been a fun story.  

- Sunday was low key.  My parents and in-laws came over in the late afternoon for a Father’s Day BBQ.  I was in charge of the London Broil, the bread and dessert.  I made cheddar garlic drop biscuits (yum) and a lemon bundt cake.  However, I had a little snafu with the cake when I went to turn it out onto the serving dish.

D’oh!!  It was ugly, but it was still delicious.  Despite the ugly food, we had a great Father’s Day celebration at the house. (and I failed to take any pics, oops)

- I didn’t run today.  Jillian decided to wake up at 5am this morning so I was up from 5-6:30 and then fell asleep at 6:30 while contemplating whether or not I wanted to actually get dressed and go for a run.  Oops.

- And here’s my bozo move of the day – I have three watches and the batteries all went out on them at the same time.  Which I thought was spooky and weird.  So I’ve been meaning to get the batteries replaced for weeks now and I finally took them to a jeweler this morning.  I go in there and hand them to the lady and she says “they’re all working just fine.”  What?!  I swear the second hand on all three watches has not moved in weeks.  It was so weird.  And I’m sure the jeweler lady was like “whatta dope!”  So weird.

And that’s all for me.  Hope your Monday is marvelous!

How about you … Did you have a good weekend?  What are you reading now?  Did you go to your high school reunion (if you’re old enough for that…hehe)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Randomness - Running Stuff Edition

It’s Friday, woohoo!  I am super glad for the weekend!  And it's Father's Day weekend, so hooray for dads!!!  

Here’s a little randomness to kick off the weekend….

- Jillian’s swimming lesson are going just … swimmingly!  She started on Monday, and went every night this week for a 10 minute lesson.  She’s learning water safety, so she’s learning how to float and swim to the side of the pool to safety.  It’s pretty amazing to see where she has come in 4 lessons now.  This is a kid who has been in the pool many times, but has never been underwater, and now she’s going underwater, coming up, swimming towards the wall, holding on, it’s pretty amazing.  She was super happy during her first lesson, but ever since the first lesson she’s been none too happy to get in the water.  But, she does it and she is learning, so that is progress! 

On her first lesson with her new favorite person, Paul.  Super happy.

- I talked about my shoe problems the other day.  After totally creating a nasty blister on Tuesday’s run with my new Adidas, I took Wednesday off and literally had to manually “deflate” my bubbly heel blister with a pin (I know, so gross, but so necessary).  For my Thursday run I tried an old pair of Nike Flex Runs that I bought back in 2013.  When I ran in them back then, I ended up with a sore ankle and shin, so I nixed them as running shoes and made them into casual walking shoes for Disney and stuff.  I haven’t run in them since, until yesterday.  They were great!  I bandaged up my heel really well and had no problems at all on my run with these shoes, so I think I’ll keep wearing these for now.  Until I’m brave enough to try my Adidas again. 

My exact circa 2013 shoes.  Pretty colors.
- I’ve done 4 runs this week – all with 8 minute intervals and I feel confident to move on to Week 6 finally.  I peeked ahead and next week I run 10 minute intervals on Days 1 and 2 and a 15 minute interval on Day 3.  Geez.  And then the following week it’s something crazy like a 20 minute run with no walking breaks.  How do you progress from 8 minutes to 20 minutes in a matter of 4 or 5 runs?  That seems like a big progression in a small amount of time.  I may be on Week 6 for a while…

- I forgot my visor on this morning's run.  Holy geez, I cannot run without a visor in this heat.  I was dripping with sweat throughout the run - usually the visor catches that sweat.  Lesson learned there.

- We are currently loving Big Block Singsong in our house.  If you don't have kids you probably have no clue what I am talking about.  It's for kids and they’re little musical vignettes in between shows on Disney Junior.  They are 2 minute songs about random things like monkeys or food or cavemen - yeah, really random, but so awesome.  Jillian is absolutely obsessed.  So much that we’ve found multiple YouTube channels with all of the Big Block Singsong videos. They are so adorable and clever and funny – even for adults!  She can sing many of them and asks for her favorites by name – “Princess, Happy, Big Feet, Monkey, Eat!”  It’s too cute.  Seriously, they are so cute, check them out here.  Go ahead, it’s Friday and you need a fun little pick-me-up! 

How cute are they?  It’s sad, but I could tell you which song each of these faces goes with.  Jillian could too, probably! 

That's a good note to end on.  Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!  

How about you ... Good plans for the weekend?  How hot is it where you are?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Latest Stitch Fix

Howdy!  I got my latest Stitch Fix on Friday and it was not good.

As you know, my Stitch Fixes have been off and on.  Lately, they've been pretty on, but this one was just awful.  Here's the breakdown...

Bramley Back Lace Detail Knit Tank by Pixley

It was a boring, plain gray tank top in the front with some black lace around the back.  It wasn't awful, until I looked at the $58 price tag.  Um, no.  It's a gray tank!  Return.

Rosco Floral Print Crochet Detail Tank by Collective Concepts

Even though I hated the pattern and the color and the crocheted lacy back, this was a style of shirt that I tend to gravitate to.  But it was a little short in the front and the back was all gappy and I knew that I would have bra problems with it.  Return.

Evo Multi Stripe Knit Henley by Pixley

Umm, it's summer in Florida.  Just looking at this shirt made me sweat.  Sleeves in June?  Um, no.  Return.  Cute colors though.

Alina Mixed Geo Print Maxi Skirt by Gilli 

I really wish I could be one of those people who could wear maxi skirts on a random day.  But I just can't.  I always have a shirt challenge with skirts like this - what do you wear on top?!  Pass.  Return.

At this point I was like "darn it, I am going to lose my $20 styling fee because there is nothing here that I want to buy."  And then I pulled out this.

Rowan Hammered Infinity Cuff by Zad 

I have been wanting to buy a yellow gold bracelet for a while now and this one was just perfect!  Exactly what I was looking for.  And it was only $28, which meant that it was really only $8 after the styling fee.  SCORE!  Keep!  (and yes, I know, it wasn't really $8, it was $28, but that's how I justify it in my little head)

I left a bunch of notes for my stylist for next time, so hopefully my next Fix will be better.  I am also trying to get out of the monthly Fixes because they were getting expensive.  I don't normally spent around $100 a month on clothes, and I was doing that with Stitch Fix.  Oopsie.

Stephanie, to answer your question that you sent in a while back (sorry it has taken me so long to respond!), I typically spend around $80-$100 each time I buy items from a Fix.  And that's normally for 2 items.  It's not cheap, but it's convenient and I end up with things that I would either not pick for myself if I was shopping in a store, or things that I would probably have to go to 20 different stores to find.  So for that, I really like it.  Now I just need to cut back on the frequency!  

That's all I have to say about that...

How about you ... Do you do Stitch Fix?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I Hate My Shoes

I’ve decided that I hate my new running shoes. 

Yeah, happy face because I was about to take my shoes off! 

Oh, and if you're wondering about the purple room, Jordyn has the best mirror in the house, so I take pics in her room sometimes.  She's not using it...  

Last week I noticed that my new Adidas Supernova Glides were rubbing on my heel.  Nothing a band aid couldn’t fix.  Or could it?  Even with a band aid I still had an issue, but I trudged on because you always have to go through that “break in” period with new shoes.  Right? 

Well, it’s been a little over a week and the problem is not getting better, it’s getting worse.  Today, with two band aids, it was so bad I could barely walk during my walking intervals.  I was okay with the running because I don’t run on my heel (one running thing that I actually do correctly), but the walking parts were bad.  Like so bad that I just wanted to start running again.  Not a terrible thing, but not the best option.

So I’m now wondering – do I ditch these shoes and find new ones (total waste of moolah)?  Do I trudge on and make these work (sacrificing my tender heels)?  What to do?  If anyone has tips for this, like special band aids or something that can safeguard my heel, I am all ears!  For my next run, I am going to try an old pair of Nikes that I wasn’t crazy about running in, but at least they didn’t rip up my heels.  Argh, runner problems.  (and again, I use the term “runner” loosely)

Although … I feel like I am starting earn a little street cred - I conquered another day of 8 minute intervals and they are getting easier, so that is a good thing.  Today’s plan was 5/8 intervals – walk 5 minutes run 8 minutes, three times – and it was all pretty easy.  Well minus the giant pulsating heel blister thing and the fact that it was 80 degrees and 80% humidity at 6:30 this morning (just the way I like it!).

I’m taking tomorrow off from running to let my heel heal.  I’m not happy about it, but I’ll do it.

How about you … How do you break in new shoes?  What do you do if your shoes rub blisters on your heel?  

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Plan This Week

You guys, I meant to write all day it has just not happened yet.  Gah! 

But I’m here now to talk shenanigans and whatnot.

- I tried really hard last week to get my third run in on my C210K plan, but the gods were working against me and it never happened.  Bah!  So my plan to move on to Week 6 (and those 10 minute intervals) this week was foiled.  It’s okay though because I’m going to spend this week doing nothing but 8 minute intervals so that I can finally move on to Week 6 next week.  Since, ya know, I’ve been on Week 5 since like May.  Haha.  I spent 5 weeks working up to Week 5 and then have spent 5 weeks on Week 5 – I’m a mess.  But hey, at least I’m running, right?

 - This weekend was a busy one.  Friday night we went out for pizza and fro-yo, and then Jillian did some dancing in the middle of town.

 And that's us, witnessing the fun.  Of course I'm videoing.  And mental note, my clothes look gigantic on me.  Geez.

It was too cute.  Saturday we spent cleaning the house from top to bottom.  We even cleaned out our entire pantry and refrigerator – something that was waaay overdue.  It always feels so good to have a super clean and organized pantry for some reason.  It also made me want to grocery shop because we threw a ton of expired stuff out.  That evening we had a Disney dining date (yeah, we’re still going strong on those!) – this time at Boma at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It was good, and afterwards we got to see giraffes and antelope and flamingos on the Serengeti.  Jillian could have cared less about the giraffe, she was all about the flamingos.  Or “mingos” has she called them.  Sunday, we made a trip down to Clearwater to see my parents and Jillian spent a majority of the day in the pool.  It was a fun time!

- Speaking of swimming, Jillian begins swimming lessons tonight.  EEK!  I am so very nervous because you hear all kinds of crazy things about baby swimming lessons, like they throw your kid in the pool and wait for them to float to the top and stuff like that.  So I’m a little nervous about what tonight has in store.  But after witnessing her being completely fearless in the pool yesterday, I’m sure she’ll be fine and will love it.  But we’ll see…

OK, gotta go get her ready to take the plunge!  Hope your Monday was great!

How about you … What’s your plan this week?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lately I've Been...

So I’ve seen this survey go around on other blogs and I thought “hey, I don’t have much to talk about today, so why not?”  So here’s my take on the survey (I shortened it a little bit because, good God, there were a lot of questions on it!).

Lately I’ve Been…

Making … myself workout every day.  After a couple of week off, I knew I needed to get back into it.  So I jumped back into my C210K training, and on my off days from that I’ve been doing Pilates and strength workouts. 

Cooking … dinner all week!  After being on vacation and then just not in the cooking mood, I am finally in the zone with staying home and cooking at night.  Monday night it was pasta with turkey sausage, Tuesday night it was slow cooker beef stew with all of the veggies and last night was Asian pork.  Yum.

Drinking … water!  I fell off the wagon on my water consumption, but I’m back on track.  While Hubs and I were on vacay we found this stuff at a Walmart in Ft. Myers.

Does anyone remember Welch’s Grape Soda?  It’s quite possibly the best soda on the planet, and definitely the best grape soda on the market (we have done extensive research on this).  I remember drinking this after swim team practice when I was kid, so it also has that nostalgic factor.  Anyway, they don’t sell it anywhere in Orlando (we have done extensive searching for it), so we were so super excited when we found it on vacation.  The downside, it’s full sugar soda, so it’s bad.  But so good.

ReadingThe Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen   A great beach (or middle of the night insomnia) read.

Wanting … to see the new Entourage movie.  Hubs and I were big fans of the HBO series, so when we heard they were going to make a full length movie we were stoked.  Haven’t gotten a chance to get out and see it (that’s kind of hard with a kid), but it’s definitely on the list.  

I also want to see the new Jurassic Park movie coming out this weekend.  Who doesn’t love dinosaurs...or Chris Pratt? 

Looking … forward to celebrating my BFF Amanda’s birthday tonight!  She turned 22.  Hehe, or at least that’s what she’s telling people.  We met when we were paired together as roommates our freshman year at UCF 20 years ago, and have been besties ever since.  We are going to celebrate with margaritas, chips and salsa (the best way to celebrate) at Rocco’s Tacos tonight.  Can’t wait!

Enjoying … early bedtimes this week.  Jillian has decided to forego naps this week (do kids just grow out of this?), so we have been enjoying quiet evenings because she conks out extra early.  It’s kind of nice.  Now I’m debating, do we just nix the naps altogether (I would miss having a couple of quiet hours during the day)? 

Wondering … how to start potty training Jillian.  She’s ready, but how do you execute?!!?

Hoping … that I can keep up the C210K training.  I had another run today where I did the 8 minute running intervals.  They are still hard, but I probably just need to suck it up and move on to Week 6 with the 10 minute intervals.  I’m scared though.

Wearing … my new Nike running tops and new Adidas Supernova Glides.  I love outlet mall shopping. 

 OK, that’s all.  There are like 1873 more items on the original survey, but I am out of time.  Hope you all are having a super Thursday!

How about you … What are you making, cooking, reading, enjoying lately?

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Madness

IHi there! Happy Monday, a little late. I was so swamped all day today that I had no time to check in. But dinner is on the stove and I actually have a few minutes to say hi and chat about some Monday randomness. I feel like this blog just focused on the random these days ... 


- So I made my triumphant return to C210K today after a little week and a half hiatus. I started back with Week 5, Day 1 where I do 5 and 6 minute running intervals. Still trying to work myself back up to the 8 minutes of running. Not gonna lie, after being away from it for more than a few days it was a little tough.  But I persevered and made it through. And felt great after (minus an icky heel blister), so yay! 

- Speaking of that icky heel blister, I got it from my new running shoes. Bah!! On the way home from Sanibel last week we stopped by the Adidas outlet in Sarasota and I got my beloved Adidas Supernova Glides. They had two versions, the exact same pair I got last year and then a newer version. I knew I should have gone with what I know because these are a tad different. Not too different but just different, not as cushiony maybe. Anyway they produced a heel blister which I'm not excited about.  Meh. 

Check out my shoes-ies. New top from the Nike outlet too. Love! 

- Over the weekend I discovered a new to me cooking show. I love cooking shows. I don't cook a ton, but I LOVE watching people on TV cook. So the other morning when I stumbled on Demaris Phillips' "Southern at Heart" show, I knew I was done channel surfing. 

She's adorable! I guess she won Food Network Star a couple seasons ago. Rightfully so, she's super fun! Anyway, on the show I saw she made homemade energy bars, which made me think of the Peanut Butter Protein bars that PB Fingers shared a few weeks back. So with both of those motivations, I made my own last night. 

Bran flakes, chia seeds, peanut butter... Individually wrapped and everything!

They are good but I wasn't a fan of the amount of cinnamon in the recipe I used, so next time I may leave that out. Good though!!

-  Yesterday we spent the morning at Magic Kingdom. Not a great idea, it's summer. It's hot and it's so crowded that it's just not enjoyable. We came home after a couple of hours, just enough time for Jillian to ride Aladdin's Magic Carpets. 

We are terrible selfie takers. 

And that's all I've got! I hope your Monday was fantabulous! I'm gonna go watch The Bachelorette! 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Randomness - So Random

Howdy!  It’s Friday!  It’s kind of hard to believe it’s Friday since this has been such a weird week – being off Monday and Tuesday and coming back from vacay and all.  I’m all kinds of screwed up.  But I am super happy the weekend is here again. 

So here’s so randomness going on over here…

- I stayed up way too late last night watching the first NBA finals game.  I pretty much ignored the entire NBA season (when the Orlando Magic aren’t good I don’t pay much attention), but am oddly excited about the NBA finals.  I’m rooting for the Warriors because I am not a Lebron fan.  Although I would kind of like to see him bring it home for Cleveland finally.  But no, I’m rooting for Steph Curry and the Warriors because he’s just adorable.  And his name is Steph which always reminds me of James Spader in Pretty in Pink (swoon).  

- I’m currently obsessed with making wraps.  My mom-in-law made delicious wraps for lunch while we were in Sanibel with Flat Out wraps, Perdue grilled chicken and Ken’s Light Honey Mustard. 

Um, yum.  I bought all of the ingredients when we got home and had one for lunch yesterday and lunch today.  Although, Jillian stole half of mine today.  Really?  She said "Wrap?  Hold it?" and that was the end of my lunch.  

Sorry for the horrendous quality pictures.  The closest device I had to take a picture was my old iPod Touch – wow, how camera technology has changed since 2010.

So delicious and lots of protein and fiber in those wraps, so I feel like I’m eating good things.

- I just made a random purchase on Amazon.  You know when you find a pen that you love and you have to use it all of the time?  And then that pen runs out of ink and you just want to cry?  Yeah, that happened to me.  And of course I can’t find the pen in any stores.  This is why I love Amazon, they carry everything – even things that are discontinued or completely impossible to find in stores.  Amazon rocks.  And Amazon Prime is even better because I will have a box of 12 of my beloved pens in hand in 2 days or less.  Yay! 

Pilot Easy Touch Ball Point Pen

- Um, this isn’t news to anyone anymore, unless you live under a rock, but it’s National Donut Day.  So go eat one!  I haven’t yet, but I plan to!

Yeah, I wish I ran today.  

- Due to my bug bites, I am literally applying Hydrocortisone ointment to my legs like lotion.  Needless to say, I stick to everything.  #HATE
- Next week I’m getting back on track, so I will talk about things like running and Couch to 10K and stuff like that.  I promise.  I MUST!  

Have a great weekend!

How about you … Basketball fan?  Wrap fan?  Amazon fan?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Week

After talking about the fact that I was eaten alive by sand fleas yesterday I felt the need clarify.  Because the term sand fleas makes it seem like we were staying in some flea infested hotel or something while vacationing on Sanibel Island.  Not so. 

The view from our balcony.  See, nice place. 

Sand fleas, or no-see-ums or whatever their official name is, are a well-known evil in Sanibel.  They come out after dusk and if you are going to be outside during the evening hours most people know to wear their bug spray.  Common knowledge.  I know this.  I’ve been going to Sanibel every year for a decade now, and yet, I disobey and always come home covered in little souvenirs.  And then I pay dearly for it, because good God, they itch!  Ugh.  Anyway, just felt the need to expand on that a little more.  I know you were losing sleep over this.

Speaking of losing sleep, I woke up at 4:45am this morning and could not go back to sleep.  I hate that, in the worst way.  I was tired, I had a good couple more hours in me, but I just could not fall asleep.  So I figured I’d just get up and go for a run around 6 once it got lighter outside.  But no, when 6am rolled around I instead decided to watch Monday’s episode of the Bachelorette.  I’m pretty dense sometimes.  Because I know about half way through the day when I am super duper tired, I am going to wish I had that natural energy that comes from my morning exercise.  Argh.

This is shaping up to be a week, huh?  

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


It’s kind of amazing how weeks of hard work – eating well and exercising – can all be completely undone in just a short vacation.  Bleh.

We just got home from our vacation on Sanibel Island, and while we had a great time, we are feeling a bit bleh.   Leading up to our vacay we had done the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  We got back on track with our eating, lost some pounds and felt great.  I even got back on running and was 5 weeks into the Couch to 10K plan, doing really well. 

Now, after five days of indulging on anything and everything and not doing a lick of exercise, I feel like I totally undid all of the good things I had done for myself.  Crazy how that happens, right?  I intend to get back on the wagon ASAP, but right now I’m wallowing in self-pity.  Don’t mind me.

All that aside, we did have a great time in Sanibel…

Jillian loved the beach and the water!!

I also came home with 28 souvenirs – I got eaten alive by sand fleas (aka No See Ums) and am sporting lots of pretty red bumps on my arms and legs.  I look like a 6 year old with chicken pox, it’s awesome…and terribly itchy.

Ugh!  Here's hoping next week is a better week...  

How about you ... Do you feel a little "bleh" after you come home from vacation?