Wednesday, June 3, 2015


It’s kind of amazing how weeks of hard work – eating well and exercising – can all be completely undone in just a short vacation.  Bleh.

We just got home from our vacation on Sanibel Island, and while we had a great time, we are feeling a bit bleh.   Leading up to our vacay we had done the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  We got back on track with our eating, lost some pounds and felt great.  I even got back on running and was 5 weeks into the Couch to 10K plan, doing really well. 

Now, after five days of indulging on anything and everything and not doing a lick of exercise, I feel like I totally undid all of the good things I had done for myself.  Crazy how that happens, right?  I intend to get back on the wagon ASAP, but right now I’m wallowing in self-pity.  Don’t mind me.

All that aside, we did have a great time in Sanibel…

Jillian loved the beach and the water!!

I also came home with 28 souvenirs – I got eaten alive by sand fleas (aka No See Ums) and am sporting lots of pretty red bumps on my arms and legs.  I look like a 6 year old with chicken pox, it’s awesome…and terribly itchy.

Ugh!  Here's hoping next week is a better week...  

How about you ... Do you feel a little "bleh" after you come home from vacation?  

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