Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Randomness - Running Stuff Edition

It’s Friday, woohoo!  I am super glad for the weekend!  And it's Father's Day weekend, so hooray for dads!!!  

Here’s a little randomness to kick off the weekend….

- Jillian’s swimming lesson are going just … swimmingly!  She started on Monday, and went every night this week for a 10 minute lesson.  She’s learning water safety, so she’s learning how to float and swim to the side of the pool to safety.  It’s pretty amazing to see where she has come in 4 lessons now.  This is a kid who has been in the pool many times, but has never been underwater, and now she’s going underwater, coming up, swimming towards the wall, holding on, it’s pretty amazing.  She was super happy during her first lesson, but ever since the first lesson she’s been none too happy to get in the water.  But, she does it and she is learning, so that is progress! 

On her first lesson with her new favorite person, Paul.  Super happy.

- I talked about my shoe problems the other day.  After totally creating a nasty blister on Tuesday’s run with my new Adidas, I took Wednesday off and literally had to manually “deflate” my bubbly heel blister with a pin (I know, so gross, but so necessary).  For my Thursday run I tried an old pair of Nike Flex Runs that I bought back in 2013.  When I ran in them back then, I ended up with a sore ankle and shin, so I nixed them as running shoes and made them into casual walking shoes for Disney and stuff.  I haven’t run in them since, until yesterday.  They were great!  I bandaged up my heel really well and had no problems at all on my run with these shoes, so I think I’ll keep wearing these for now.  Until I’m brave enough to try my Adidas again. 

My exact circa 2013 shoes.  Pretty colors.
- I’ve done 4 runs this week – all with 8 minute intervals and I feel confident to move on to Week 6 finally.  I peeked ahead and next week I run 10 minute intervals on Days 1 and 2 and a 15 minute interval on Day 3.  Geez.  And then the following week it’s something crazy like a 20 minute run with no walking breaks.  How do you progress from 8 minutes to 20 minutes in a matter of 4 or 5 runs?  That seems like a big progression in a small amount of time.  I may be on Week 6 for a while…

- I forgot my visor on this morning's run.  Holy geez, I cannot run without a visor in this heat.  I was dripping with sweat throughout the run - usually the visor catches that sweat.  Lesson learned there.

- We are currently loving Big Block Singsong in our house.  If you don't have kids you probably have no clue what I am talking about.  It's for kids and they’re little musical vignettes in between shows on Disney Junior.  They are 2 minute songs about random things like monkeys or food or cavemen - yeah, really random, but so awesome.  Jillian is absolutely obsessed.  So much that we’ve found multiple YouTube channels with all of the Big Block Singsong videos. They are so adorable and clever and funny – even for adults!  She can sing many of them and asks for her favorites by name – “Princess, Happy, Big Feet, Monkey, Eat!”  It’s too cute.  Seriously, they are so cute, check them out here.  Go ahead, it’s Friday and you need a fun little pick-me-up! 

How cute are they?  It’s sad, but I could tell you which song each of these faces goes with.  Jillian could too, probably! 

That's a good note to end on.  Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!  

How about you ... Good plans for the weekend?  How hot is it where you are?


  1. Just curious, but have you been fitted at a running store for your shoes? I couldn't afford the exact shoe they recommended after my fitting session, but I learned a lot about my feet, gate, and the shoes I need. The worst thing is sore and achy feet!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Your feet, and running gate change all the time. I would suggest getting fit every time you get shoes. I do, and it helps a lot, as there is something slightly different with each model of shoes every year.