Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Randomness - So Random

Howdy!  It’s Friday!  It’s kind of hard to believe it’s Friday since this has been such a weird week – being off Monday and Tuesday and coming back from vacay and all.  I’m all kinds of screwed up.  But I am super happy the weekend is here again. 

So here’s so randomness going on over here…

- I stayed up way too late last night watching the first NBA finals game.  I pretty much ignored the entire NBA season (when the Orlando Magic aren’t good I don’t pay much attention), but am oddly excited about the NBA finals.  I’m rooting for the Warriors because I am not a Lebron fan.  Although I would kind of like to see him bring it home for Cleveland finally.  But no, I’m rooting for Steph Curry and the Warriors because he’s just adorable.  And his name is Steph which always reminds me of James Spader in Pretty in Pink (swoon).  

- I’m currently obsessed with making wraps.  My mom-in-law made delicious wraps for lunch while we were in Sanibel with Flat Out wraps, Perdue grilled chicken and Ken’s Light Honey Mustard. 

Um, yum.  I bought all of the ingredients when we got home and had one for lunch yesterday and lunch today.  Although, Jillian stole half of mine today.  Really?  She said "Wrap?  Hold it?" and that was the end of my lunch.  

Sorry for the horrendous quality pictures.  The closest device I had to take a picture was my old iPod Touch – wow, how camera technology has changed since 2010.

So delicious and lots of protein and fiber in those wraps, so I feel like I’m eating good things.

- I just made a random purchase on Amazon.  You know when you find a pen that you love and you have to use it all of the time?  And then that pen runs out of ink and you just want to cry?  Yeah, that happened to me.  And of course I can’t find the pen in any stores.  This is why I love Amazon, they carry everything – even things that are discontinued or completely impossible to find in stores.  Amazon rocks.  And Amazon Prime is even better because I will have a box of 12 of my beloved pens in hand in 2 days or less.  Yay! 

Pilot Easy Touch Ball Point Pen

- Um, this isn’t news to anyone anymore, unless you live under a rock, but it’s National Donut Day.  So go eat one!  I haven’t yet, but I plan to!

Yeah, I wish I ran today.  

- Due to my bug bites, I am literally applying Hydrocortisone ointment to my legs like lotion.  Needless to say, I stick to everything.  #HATE
- Next week I’m getting back on track, so I will talk about things like running and Couch to 10K and stuff like that.  I promise.  I MUST!  

Have a great weekend!

How about you … Basketball fan?  Wrap fan?  Amazon fan?

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