Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lately I've Been...

So I’ve seen this survey go around on other blogs and I thought “hey, I don’t have much to talk about today, so why not?”  So here’s my take on the survey (I shortened it a little bit because, good God, there were a lot of questions on it!).

Lately I’ve Been…

Making … myself workout every day.  After a couple of week off, I knew I needed to get back into it.  So I jumped back into my C210K training, and on my off days from that I’ve been doing Pilates and strength workouts. 

Cooking … dinner all week!  After being on vacation and then just not in the cooking mood, I am finally in the zone with staying home and cooking at night.  Monday night it was pasta with turkey sausage, Tuesday night it was slow cooker beef stew with all of the veggies and last night was Asian pork.  Yum.

Drinking … water!  I fell off the wagon on my water consumption, but I’m back on track.  While Hubs and I were on vacay we found this stuff at a Walmart in Ft. Myers.

Does anyone remember Welch’s Grape Soda?  It’s quite possibly the best soda on the planet, and definitely the best grape soda on the market (we have done extensive research on this).  I remember drinking this after swim team practice when I was kid, so it also has that nostalgic factor.  Anyway, they don’t sell it anywhere in Orlando (we have done extensive searching for it), so we were so super excited when we found it on vacation.  The downside, it’s full sugar soda, so it’s bad.  But so good.

ReadingThe Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen   A great beach (or middle of the night insomnia) read.

Wanting … to see the new Entourage movie.  Hubs and I were big fans of the HBO series, so when we heard they were going to make a full length movie we were stoked.  Haven’t gotten a chance to get out and see it (that’s kind of hard with a kid), but it’s definitely on the list.  

I also want to see the new Jurassic Park movie coming out this weekend.  Who doesn’t love dinosaurs...or Chris Pratt? 

Looking … forward to celebrating my BFF Amanda’s birthday tonight!  She turned 22.  Hehe, or at least that’s what she’s telling people.  We met when we were paired together as roommates our freshman year at UCF 20 years ago, and have been besties ever since.  We are going to celebrate with margaritas, chips and salsa (the best way to celebrate) at Rocco’s Tacos tonight.  Can’t wait!

Enjoying … early bedtimes this week.  Jillian has decided to forego naps this week (do kids just grow out of this?), so we have been enjoying quiet evenings because she conks out extra early.  It’s kind of nice.  Now I’m debating, do we just nix the naps altogether (I would miss having a couple of quiet hours during the day)? 

Wondering … how to start potty training Jillian.  She’s ready, but how do you execute?!!?

Hoping … that I can keep up the C210K training.  I had another run today where I did the 8 minute running intervals.  They are still hard, but I probably just need to suck it up and move on to Week 6 with the 10 minute intervals.  I’m scared though.

Wearing … my new Nike running tops and new Adidas Supernova Glides.  I love outlet mall shopping. 

 OK, that’s all.  There are like 1873 more items on the original survey, but I am out of time.  Hope you all are having a super Thursday!

How about you … What are you making, cooking, reading, enjoying lately?


  1. I just finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed so now I am in search of another good book.

    I am anxious for Jurassic Park also. I have high hopes!

  2. Making...myself deconstruct essay for the Bar exam. Not a fun task but to fully understand where I go wrong, it needs to get done. Beating my head against a wall afterward when I find dumb mistakes.
    Cooking...Burgers, pasta, breakfast for dinner (my favorite)
    Reading...Law stuff and "Portrait in Death" by JD Robb (mindless reading)
    Enjoying...the last few days of school for the kids. Lizzy has her last final exam tomorrow.

    To your question about potty training....I remember just putting the kids on the potty every couple of hours; asking if they have to go potty, and putting them in underwear instead of diapers or pull ups when we were home. Once they pee in their pants a couple of times, it starts to click that they have to tell you. When they are in underwear, look for signs of "dancing" and wiggling...always a good sign they have to pee.
    Good Luck!! Jillian is sharp cookie, so she will catch on fast. Just be prepared with extra clothes when you go out in public because accidents happen.