Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Babble

Howdy!  Happy Monday! 

This weekend was so super low key, it was awesome in a boring sort of way, but sometimes you need those!  Here’s what’s been going on…

- Friday night Jillian’s swimming lesson got rained out, so we just hung out and had dinner with the in-laws and then Hubs had an event for his 20 year high school reunion that evening, so Jillian and I chilled and wore tiaras in our PJs. 

- On Saturday morning, I inexplicably woke up at 6.  Hate that.  I laid there for a while and then decided to go for a walk.  I wasn’t planning on working out at all on Saturday since I did 4 days of running and working out during the week, but I was up, so I figured a walk would be a good thing.  

The post-exercise selfies continue...

I took a 30 minute walk and then did this full body workout from Pop Sugar that Courtney shared last week.  This workout was AWESOME!  I am still feeling it.  I love feeling sore from a good workout.  Is that weird?    

- Saturday we did a few errands and then came home.  Once home, I accomplished many things during Jillian’s nap – I read two magazines, gave myself a mani/pedi and finished my book (Sarah Pekkanen’s The Best of Us – it was good!).  I love checking things off my list.

- Can someone tell me what happened to Ashley Greene’s belly button on the new cover of Health magazine?  Her belly button is either really high, or really low, or they totally Photoshopped it out.  Either way, I couldn’t stop staring at this cover because it was so weird looking.

 Maybe it's behind the button on her jeans?

- Saturday night Hubs had his high school reunion.  I opted to stay home and chill with the Jill again.  We had a blast and played and watched Father of the Bride 2, which is one of the bestest movies ever next to Father of the Bride.  Hubs had a fun night at his reunion and even caught up with an old friend.

Yeah, that’s Joey Fatone. (sorry for the super dark photo, not my doing)  They graduated together, had a few classes together, knew each other.  No biggie.  I’m totally impressed he showed up to the reunion.  He even hosted an after party that Hubs went to.  Now I’m kind of kicking myself for not going because that could have totally been a fun story.  

- Sunday was low key.  My parents and in-laws came over in the late afternoon for a Father’s Day BBQ.  I was in charge of the London Broil, the bread and dessert.  I made cheddar garlic drop biscuits (yum) and a lemon bundt cake.  However, I had a little snafu with the cake when I went to turn it out onto the serving dish.

D’oh!!  It was ugly, but it was still delicious.  Despite the ugly food, we had a great Father’s Day celebration at the house. (and I failed to take any pics, oops)

- I didn’t run today.  Jillian decided to wake up at 5am this morning so I was up from 5-6:30 and then fell asleep at 6:30 while contemplating whether or not I wanted to actually get dressed and go for a run.  Oops.

- And here’s my bozo move of the day – I have three watches and the batteries all went out on them at the same time.  Which I thought was spooky and weird.  So I’ve been meaning to get the batteries replaced for weeks now and I finally took them to a jeweler this morning.  I go in there and hand them to the lady and she says “they’re all working just fine.”  What?!  I swear the second hand on all three watches has not moved in weeks.  It was so weird.  And I’m sure the jeweler lady was like “whatta dope!”  So weird.

And that’s all for me.  Hope your Monday is marvelous!

How about you … Did you have a good weekend?  What are you reading now?  Did you go to your high school reunion (if you’re old enough for that…hehe)

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