Monday, June 15, 2015

The Plan This Week

You guys, I meant to write all day it has just not happened yet.  Gah! 

But I’m here now to talk shenanigans and whatnot.

- I tried really hard last week to get my third run in on my C210K plan, but the gods were working against me and it never happened.  Bah!  So my plan to move on to Week 6 (and those 10 minute intervals) this week was foiled.  It’s okay though because I’m going to spend this week doing nothing but 8 minute intervals so that I can finally move on to Week 6 next week.  Since, ya know, I’ve been on Week 5 since like May.  Haha.  I spent 5 weeks working up to Week 5 and then have spent 5 weeks on Week 5 – I’m a mess.  But hey, at least I’m running, right?

 - This weekend was a busy one.  Friday night we went out for pizza and fro-yo, and then Jillian did some dancing in the middle of town.

 And that's us, witnessing the fun.  Of course I'm videoing.  And mental note, my clothes look gigantic on me.  Geez.

It was too cute.  Saturday we spent cleaning the house from top to bottom.  We even cleaned out our entire pantry and refrigerator – something that was waaay overdue.  It always feels so good to have a super clean and organized pantry for some reason.  It also made me want to grocery shop because we threw a ton of expired stuff out.  That evening we had a Disney dining date (yeah, we’re still going strong on those!) – this time at Boma at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It was good, and afterwards we got to see giraffes and antelope and flamingos on the Serengeti.  Jillian could have cared less about the giraffe, she was all about the flamingos.  Or “mingos” has she called them.  Sunday, we made a trip down to Clearwater to see my parents and Jillian spent a majority of the day in the pool.  It was a fun time!

- Speaking of swimming, Jillian begins swimming lessons tonight.  EEK!  I am so very nervous because you hear all kinds of crazy things about baby swimming lessons, like they throw your kid in the pool and wait for them to float to the top and stuff like that.  So I’m a little nervous about what tonight has in store.  But after witnessing her being completely fearless in the pool yesterday, I’m sure she’ll be fine and will love it.  But we’ll see…

OK, gotta go get her ready to take the plunge!  Hope your Monday was great!

How about you … What’s your plan this week?

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  1. Kiddos started Theater camp this week. The summer play this year is Little Mermaid Jr. Should be cute. They have to audition for parts, which includes a dance they teach them, cold reading and singing. Lizzy is auditioning with "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera; and Daniel is auditioning with "Dancing through Life" from Wicked. It doesn't matter what part they get, I know they will kill the singing audition because both are difficult songs to sing.
    So, while the kiddos are at the theater, I'm studying. Woo Hoo!!