Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Randomness - Lots to Talk About

Howdy!  I totally meant to check in more this week, but it just didn’t happen. 

Hey, at least I’m here for some Friday randomness, right?

Walmart Beauty Box

I read about the Walmart Beauty Box program in a magazine a little while ago and so I checked it out.  Basically it’s kind of like Birchbox, except waaaay less fancy.  No shame.  Walmart runs a program where you can sign up to receive seasonal beauty boxes in the mail.  For $5 a pop, which covers the shipping and handling, you get a box full of full-sized and sample-sized beauty products to try out and keep.  I got mine yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by what I got.  

In the “Summer box” I received a full-sized bottle of Vaseline Radiance Restore Healing Serum (which retails for $7.97 at Walmart), a full sized Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Gladiolus (retailing at $7.97 at Walmart), a sample of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, a sample of Burt Bee’s Renewal Intensive Firming Serum, a sample of Simple Micellar Cleansing Water and a sample of L’Oreal Total Repair Shampoo and Conditioner (perfect to pack for my upcoming business trip).  

I love free stuff!  Well, it’s not really free, it was $5 for the shipping, but not bad huh?  I can’t wait to see what is in the “Autumn box” which will ship out the second week of September.  To sign up, just go to 

And no, Walmart doesn’t pay me to say nice things like this (unfortunately).  I just wanted to spread the word about this because who doesn’t love to get packages in the mail with virtually free beauty products?  C’mon! 

Ben and Jerry’s 
Speaking of things that are awesome… I ran into the store the other day to pick up some milk and told Hubs I’d pick up some ice cream in a flavor that he liked (because I only eat vanilla and I do the shopping, so all we ever have is vanilla).  Anyway, as I was perusing the intricate Ben and Jerry’s flavors, I came across this little flavor from heaven

If you can’t read that it’s Peanut Buttah Cookie Core and the description reads like this, “Peanut butter ice cream (amen) with crunchy peanut butter sugar bits (say what?), peanut butter cookies (OMG) and a peanut butter cookie core (I don’t even know what that means but it sounds delish).”  Basically it’s heaven in an ice cream pint.  Amazing.  Thanks Ben and Jerry for ruining my “no sweets” rule for this week.  (I know, it’s totally my fault for buying it, yeah yeah yeah)

Sharknado: Oh Hell No! 
Oh hell yes!  Not afraid to admit that I’ve seen both Sharknado movies and yes, they are so horrifically bad they are amazing.  And I mean, hello, Steve Sanders from 90210 is the star.  What’s not to like?  I caught the tail end of Sharknado 3 the other night (don’t worry, we DVR’ed it) and it was ridonkulous.  Steve Sanders (I mean, Ian Ziering), David Hasselhoff and Tara Reid were flying a space shuttle battling sharks in the space and saving the world.  Yes, really.  And can I also just comment on the “Oh Hell No” as part of the title?  Awesomeness.

Self Tanner 
I hate self tanner.  I hate the smell, I hate the fact that I for some reason cannot apply it correctly and always end up with splotches and stripes, but I also understand that self tanner is the only way I am ever going to sport any color besides pasty white (outside of the indulgent and infrequent professional spray tan).  I’ve been on a quest for a good one that doesn’t make me orange and I found one of those one-day tinted gels by L’Oreal and I like it.  The claim to fame is it’s temporary, so you put it on and if you screw it up, it washes right off.  I’m still getting used to it, but I’ve learned one of its downsides quickly – orange palms.  Grr. 

Last week I finished an amusing book that I read about in one of my magazines.  The Status of All Things by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke is about a Facebook obsessed woman who has the opportunity to relive her life through her Facebook posts.  So basically if she posts “I just won a million bucks” poof, it happened.  (she didn’t in the book, that was just an example)  Anyway, the book was about her going back and reliving a month of her life and controlling it with her posts.  It was fun and a little cheesy and predictable, but those are the kind of books I enjoy.  Now I’m reading a cheesy beach read about two newly single people who are accidentally rented out the same beach house.  Oh no!  I’ll bet they end up falling in love…just a hunch.

80 Totally 80’s Hits 
You know I love my Spotify, and one day I was in the 80s mood and I found a really cool album called 80 Totally 80s Hits.  OMG, it’s awesome.  It has all the good ones.  Every time a new song comes on I scream “ohhhhh!” and then I start dancing.  Yeah, not the best when I’m in the office, but whatever.  It’s awesome.  If you are interested in checking me out on Spotify and seeing my ridiculously diverse taste in music (everything from The Avett Brothers to the David Guetta music library) you can search for me at kerrysmusic99

Running and Eating 
Oh so I should probably talk about running this week.  I ran!  That’s the most I can say.  I got up, I got out and I did it three days this week.  It wasn’t stellar, but it happened.  And for that, I am proud.  Only 23 more days until my first 5K of the season!  I have also been eating pretty clean all week (minus the above mentioned Ben and Jerry’s – hee), so that has made a difference in how I feel as well.  Man, if I could just get the running and eating well thing going at the same time all the time I’d be a rock star.  But sadly, it’s usually one or the other.  Ah well. 

Okie dokie, I think I’ve chatted enough.  Hope your Friday is fab, and you have an even better weekend.  We have an outing planned for the new Be Our Guest restaurant at Magic Kingdom!  EEE, can’t wait!!! 

How about you … Ever heard of the Walmart Beauty Box?  Would you sign up for it?  Favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor?  What are you reading?

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