Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello, Morning

Given the fact that it’s been over a week since I ran due to logistical issues with Hubs being gone last week (and, ahem, laziness), I knew I had to make this morning count.  I knew I had to set my alarm for early, suck it up, get out of bed and get outside.  And I’m happy to report, I did.  I had an alarm issue (it went off for like 6 minutes straight because I forgot to turn the volume up on my phone, oopsie), but I made it.

Since I haven’t run in a while, and the fact that I wasn’t really “into it” yet when I got outside, I opted for easy today.  I set my Easy Intervals app for 4/3’s because that sounded okay.  4 minutes of running, I could swing that.  Unfortunately I started running on the walking intervals, so I was all out of whack and ended up running 3’s and walking 4’s.  Ah well, I’ll get it right tomorrow. 

It was 967 degrees out at 6am, but I’ve mentioned before that I prefer running in the heat (I hate running in colder weather – I know, I’m weird), so it was all good.  Everything felt great this morning and I am super happy I was able to get back into it.  One thing I did notice was my lower back.  Bah.

Since I started running again a couple of months ago, I’ve noticed lower back pain during my run and after.  While I’ve been “off” of running, I noticed that I didn’t have any pain, which means I’m doing something wrong when I run/walk.  I’ve always said I need to work on strengthening my core more to protect my back, and have been doing Pilates to help with that, but obviously not enough to help.  It could also be my problems with my left hip/leg/foot from my accident, which screams to me “hello Kerry, you need to do those exercises that your Physical Therapist gave you!”  So that’s making a comeback in my life as well.  Gotta figure this out.   

After the run, I did a round of WWE arms and that’s all I had time for (thanks alarm clock).  But hey, back at it, and I’m happy about that! 

How about you … What was your work out this morning?

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  1. My workout this morning consisted of some leg work and 40 minutes of stairs. Yep, dreaded stairs... Actually, since I have broken rib (or possibly separated rib), running is out of the question for a couple of weeks. When it hurts to get out of a chair, the pounding of running was going to make things worse.
    How did I break my rib, you ask???? Sparring with my master instructor at karate on Saturday morning. We did 20 - 2 minute rounds of sparring. YES, I did say 20!! Anyway, sparring with someone who is soon to be a 7th dan Black Belt is a bit tricky, since he knows WAAAAYYY more than I do. I ducked a heel kick to my head and when I cam back up (being very proud of myself for remembering to duck), I got punched in the ribs and I felt it snap. Very weird feeling. The scary part is that he didn't punch me very hard at all. So, now I'm out of running until it feels a bit better.
    I need to go get a bone density scan. I have had 3 breaks in 1 year. Not good. First it was 5 broken ribs (left side) when I got hit by someone twice my size and she (yes, she) hit me full force. Not too long after that, I got a stress fracture in my right tibia, and now the broken rib on the right side. Too many breaks/fractures for a short period of time.