Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Randomness - Characters

It's Friday! What what! Another week down. Is anyone else alarmed at how fast this year is flying by? It's almost August people! 

Here is some randomness for you for a Friday...

- Another at home workout for me today. I'm kind of loving them. This time I did another round of Heather’s body weight workout and some Pilates.  It was short and sweet.

- I'm back on the sauce ... Diet Coke that is. My relationship with Diet Coke has its ups and downs and right now it's up. It's just so delicious. I hate that it's so delicious. And should I be alarmed that Jillian now can look at my cup and say "Mommy's Diet Coke from McDonald's!" #busted. 

I had to make my own since nothing on earth has this spelling of Kerry on it.  

- Last weekend we made an impromptu visit to Disney's Hollywood Studios. We read last week that they are going to be completely redoing the entire concept of the park, closing most of the current rides and even renaming the park in the coming years. We also read that it was the last weekend that Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6 would be out at the park for photo ops. Since Baymax is Jillian's fave, we decided to go check it out.

Her words when she saw him:  "Aww, he's so cute!"  He was adorable.

Apparently everyone and their brother got the memo about Baymax's last weekend because there was an hour and a half wait. Um, no. Not with my 2 year old. We hung out for a little while so Jillian could see him but after about 10 minutes we busted out and instead hung out with Sofia…


And Dale…

That face!

It was the cutest. Jillian had full on conversations with all of them and even sung the Chip and Dale song to Dale. I'm sure the person  in the costume was like "what's up with this kid?!" But in the best way possible of course. 

- This weekend we have plans to go out to Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner. And we might go over to Animal Kingdom of we are feeling frisky. We will see. It's so blazing hot outside that being outdoors really isn't very enjoyable for anyone, so we'll see. 

And that's all I've got today!  I hope you are having a fab Friday!  

How about you ... Diet Coke fan?  What was your workout today?  Good weekend plans?

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  1. I always enjoy a cold Diet Coke with crushed ice, but I've actually been soda free for a month now. Hoping I can keep it that way!