Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lots O' Running

How is it already Wednesday?  For the last two days I’ve had stuff to chat about, but actually sitting down to write it out has just not happened.  Bah!

So over the weekend I decided to do something a little crazy.  Not really crazy, but something I had been thinking of doing for a couple of weeks now.  I signed up for a slew of races.  Yes, a slew.  Our local running store, Track Shack, has a deal where you can be a “Track Shack Fanatic.”  Membership includes entries into six of their Series races, coupons to Track Shack and Seasons 52, a nifty shirt, a personalized bib for all races and some other stuff. 

My thought was that if I pre-paid for all of these races it would keep me honest on the running front and keep me going.  Nothing like totally bullying myself into running.  The races vary in length, but none are over 10K – because ya know, I retired from those pesky half marathons.  My first race, a 5K, is August 15, and then I have one in September (5K), October (5 Miles), January (5.2K), February (4 miles) and March (10K).  I’m really excited about the prospect of doing more races and having something to work towards, so I think this was a good investment.

 Running like the wind ... or a soft, slow breeze at the Princess 10K this year.

And because I just plunked down a good chunk of change to run, I decided to make my triumphant return to running this week.  After two weeks of not running, yesterday was H.A.R.D.  I tried to jump right back into Week 6 of C210K, with the 10 minute intervals, but that just wasn’t happening.  So I did a free for all yesterday, mostly sticking to running 5-6 minutes at a time just to get myself back into it.  Sheesh, am I going to have to go back to Week 5 again?! 

 My 10th Disney half marathon

I was going to go out again this morning, but Jillian decided she wanted to wake up and stay up for a few hours at 4am.  Sheesh.  So I was up from 4-6 and then toyed with the notion of just getting dressed and going out to run, but instead decided to try and catch an hour of sleep.  Bad idea because I slept until 7:40 and am now so groggy I can barely function.  Awesome.  So mental note: just stay awake if this happens again.  Or have Hubs wake up and hang out with her.  Hehe.

(yeah buddy)

In other race news, Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend went on sale to passholders last week (it goes on sale to the general public next week, I believe).  I decided to not register this year because I have my sights set on something different, which happens to fall on the same date as the Enchanted 10K I was thinking of signing up for.  In Tampa they have the Gasparilla Distance Classic which offers a 5K, an 8K (?), a 15K and a Half Marathon.  And you know I’m a super sucker for a 15K (9.3 miles), so I think I am going to do that – because 15Ks are so hard to find and they are the perfect distance (15K was the first “long” distance run I ever did, so I have a soft spot in my heart for that distance).  Something different and it’s a fraction (a third!) of the cost of the Disney race, so there’s that.  

Only 226 days to train...

So there you have it.  Expect to read a lot about me running around over the next few months because I have a bunch on my plate.  Kind of exciting! 

How about you … Do you have any races you are registered for or have your sights on?  

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