Thursday, July 16, 2015

Making Do

Hi!  It’s Thursday and I haven’t said hello all week.  Sheesh.  This blog is a mess.  Just kidding, it’s been busy over here.

Jillian and I spent a couple of days in Clearwater hanging with my parents since Hubs was out of town, so we were out having pool and princess fun and whatnot.  It happens.

So this week I haven’t run at all.  (bah!)  While I was at my parents’ house I relished in being able to sleep in, and then when Jilly and I got home I couldn’t go out in the mornings since Hubs was gone.  I didn’t want this week to be a total wash, so I made do with what I could do.  So that means this week I did a bunch of strength training workouts that have proved to be super awesome.  I always forget how good strength training is.  I’m always of the mind that if I can’t do a good cardio workout then it’s not worth it.  NOT SO!  So here’s what’s had me going this week …

WWE Fit Series with Stephanie McMahon 

I’m not ashamed to say that I enjoy watching the WWE.  I will totally blame that on Hubs though.  But it’s just so darn entertaining!  And Total Divas, seriously a fave in our house. 

Anywho… Hubs got me this DVD for Christmas or my birthday or some holiday and it’s a good one!  The workouts target different groups – upper body, lower body, core, flexibility and cardio – and they are good because they are super short (amen – I will never do 45 minutes of legs, just not happening for this gal).  Now, I will say they are pretty basic.  I mean, it’s two sets of 5 exercises and that’s it.  But, I like the fact that it’s actually got me doing strength exercises and I like the fact that it’s short.  My only gripe is that at the beginning Stephanie is all like “do you want to look like a WWE Diva, then do this work out and you’ll get there.”  Um, no you won’t.  20 lunges are not going to make you look like a Diva.  Have you seen those chicks?  They are fabulously muscular and toned, and not in a scary bodybuilder way. 

Heather always shares really great workouts that can be done at home or at the gym onher blog and they always seem to be moves that I want to do.  You know how sometimes you see a workout in a magazine or somewhere that has crazy moves on it that make you think “I could never do that” or “I’m not doing that” (like most Tracy Anderson workouts - seriously I see them every month in Health magazine and I’m like “yeah, nope”)?  Hers aren’t like that at all.  Every time I see a post with a workout I pin it to my Pinterest board and try it.  This one has been good this week.


Contrary to popular opinion, Pinterest is more than just party planning or recipe ideas.  There’s so many pinned workouts out there that meet the needs of any workout mood you’re in.  Want cardio?  It’s out there.  Want legs – out there.  Arms – out there too.  So much stuff.  My Exercise board is filled with workouts I haven’t even tried yet, but I just keep pinning, I’ll get to them eventually.  And this week has been good for those! 

Dreaming of running

When I can’t run, I always wish I could.  (yet, when I can run, I opt to sleep in - why is that?!)  Since I haven’t been able to run this week, I am really looking forward to my next run.   Even if that means waking up at dawn to run in 90% humidity.  Ergh.  And I just snagged a new running top from Hungry Runner Girl, even more motivation to get out and go.  (you can order here)

So that’s what’s been going on over here.  The week hasn’t been a total wash, workout-wise.  I’m looking forward to getting back to normal next week and getting back on the C210K bandwagon, since I do have race #1 in my series in a little less than a month.  Whee! 

How about you … What is your at-home workout?

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