Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stitch Fix Review - July

I got my July Stitch Fix on Thursday and I jumped for joy when it showed up.  I haven't gotten one since the beginning of June, so I was super excited for this one.  After my last Fix, which wasn't super great, I gave my stylist some specific instructions on what I wanted - dresses and sleeveless shirts only - so I was hoping that my box would contain just that.  And my stylist Bethany totally got my message and sent some great stuff!  

Umi Keyhole Detail Blouse from Papermoon 

I love me a sleeveless top and this one was super cute.  I loved the colors, I loved the fit, I loved the little cutout on the neckline.

Love it!  Keep!  

Bertona Split Neck Blouse from Collective Concepts

I loved the colors and the style of this top as well.  I'm such a sucker for sleeveless, semi flowy, colorful tops, what can I say?  After trying it on I automatically put it into the "keep" pile ... until I looked at the price.  58 buckaroos.  Yeah, it's cute, but not that cute.  I knew I was definitely keeping the first top, so I could not justify keeping this one  - over $100 for two tops?  No.  Return.

Leilani Dress from Brixon Ivy

This dress was cute, but too big.  It had a drawstring in the front, which I cinched up good, but it still looked too big.  Boo.  Return.

Jennica Dress from Papermoon

This dress was just okay looking.  It was a grey color that I wasn't too excited about, but it fit really nicely in the body.  However, the arm holes were just too big - you could see my bra.  Bah.  Return.

Caspar Maxi Dress from Collective Concepts

This dress was very pretty.  I loved the colors and the material, it was thin, light, super flowy, really nice.  What I didn't like was the criss cross front.  It made the side pucker in a weird way so that it didn't lay the same as it did on the other side. 

I played with it a bunch, but the pucker would not go away.  Plus, do I really want that blousy thing going on up top?  Probably not.  Return.

All in all this fix was really good.  I'm sad that the dresses didn't fit, but at least we're in the right style neighborhood now.  Yay Stitch Fix!

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