Monday, August 3, 2015

Eating Food

Hello, happy Monday! Who's ready for a great week? I am traveling this week, beginning tomorrow, so I am kind of looking forward to that. 

We had a great weekend so I thought I'd randomly yammer about that for a bit, mmmkay? 

On Saturday we had lunch at a restaurant called Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge (I am going to do a write up of all three restaurants at Animal Kingdom later this week). 

Sanaa has Indian/African inspired fare and one of the items on the menu is something called Indian Bread Service. Basically it's an assortment of naan and paneer breads with your choice of dipping sauces. 

Anyone ever heard of Sambal or Raita? We had to look it up and we were kind of glad we did, because it sounded a little outside our comfort zone. 

And if you're curious... (from Wikipedia)
Sambal is sauce typically made from a variety of chili peppers and secondary ingredients such as shrimp pastefish saucegarlicgingershallotscallionsugarlime juice, and rice vinegar or other vinegars.  (it was the shrimp paste and fish sauce that got us, erch)

Raita is an IndianPakistani and Bangladeshi side dish - made with dahi (yogurt - often referred to as curd) together with raw or cooked vegetables, more seldom fruit, or in the case of boondi raita, with fried droplets of batter made from besan (chickpea flour) which is generally labelled as gram flour. (mmm, no)

Hubs and I aren't crazy adventurous when it comes to that kind of stuff, so we stuck with a coriander chutney, a red pepper hummus and a mango chutney. Everything was delicious. I could have just made a meal out of all of the naan, it was great. Go us for being a little  adventurous! Oh and we saw zebras!!!

(dude, I have no idea what's going on with my font today... just go with it)

Have you tried the new Thin Oreos yet?  

I don't like chocolate, but do like an Oreo every now and then. But I can only eat them in very small doses, like one at a time, before I'm like "ew, chocolate." I know, I'm weird. Anyway, when Thin Oreos came out I was curious, so I bought some. Delish!! Because the cookie parts  are so thin, they aren't as chocolate-y, which works for me. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing for me... 

Another thing I tried over the weekend that I probably shouldn't have...

My friend Michele came over on Saturday night and brought these Biscuits and Gravy flavored chips. I'm pretty boring when it comes to chip flavors so trying these was adventurous for me. They were pretty delicious, I'm not gonna lie. But they didn't taste at all like biscuits and gravy. More like cheddar and sour cream chips. 

Geez, it sounds like all we did was eat all weekend, doesn't it? Pretty accurate. 

On Sunday we went to church and I was super excited to pick up a tag for the Backpack Drive our church is doing. When I was a kid, and heck even through college, I LOVED school supply shopping (still do!), so when I saw the opportunity to fill a backpack with all sorts of fun school supplies for an under privileged middle schoolers, I was totally on board. So much fun!! And it makes my heart feel good. 

Also at church on Sunday we took communion. We are Methodist so communion is served as regular white bread and Welch's grape juice representing not the body and blood, standard procedure. But I was floored when our pastor told the congregation that communion could be served Gluten free. Wow, this is our world today - Gluten free body of Christ. It was a weird moment for me. Am I the only one who thinks that is really weird?

And hey, in case you didn't see, PB Fingers had her baby! As a loyal reader of Julie's  blog for the past, geez, 5 years now I kind of feel like I know her personally. So when she posted that she had her baby, a little boy named Chase, on Thursday, I was so happy and excited. Is that weird that I'm that excited for someone I don't really know in real life to have a baby? Probably. 

OK, that's all I've got.  Lots of stuff to do before I leave tomorrow.  Hope your day is a great one!  

How about you ... What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

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