Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of School

Today I dropped my daughter off at school for the first time. 

I say “school” but it’s really a 2-day, mother’s day out program for a few hours a day.  Either way, Jillian has never been anywhere except home with us or family members since the day she was born.  Hubs and I are so incredibly fortunate to have family close (or relatively close) who is so willing and able to watch Jillian a couple of days a week.  Seriously, blessed.  And also we are fortunate to have jobs that allow us to work from home and have her with us – it’s tough, but it’s been working.

As she approached 2 ½ we realized that it was definitely time for her to get into a structured program where she could play with kids, learn structure, do fun things, make friends, etc etc.  We’ve actually been waiting a long time for this day to come.  We signed Jillian up for this program back in February (their schedule coincides with the regular school year) because I guess that’s how long in advance you have to sign kids up for things.  Crazy! 

So how did Day One go?  Everyone warned me about “the drop off” on the first day.  They said there would be crying on both ends, the kid might kick and scream and not want to leave you and you might cry for the rest of the day while she’s gone. 

(She requires a lot of stuff)

I can officially confirm that none of that applied to us.  I was not a basket case and Jillian ran into the classroom and never gave us a second glance.  It was perfection.  Phew!  It really helped that it was a classroom and a teacher that she was familiar from Sunday school, so that was a godsend.  Quite literally! 

The teachers said she behaved great, she only had one potty accident (ah well, at least it was only one), they said she kept asking to go on the playground (yeah, that’s my kid) and she didn’t nap (yep, my kid too).  But overall they said she was excellent.  It was at that point where I wanted to cry.  It was such a wonderful relief.  It just proved what I already knew…  Jillian is AWESOME.

So this is our new normal – school two days a week and much more joy and amazingness to come, I am sure!  We all cannot wait for her second day of school on Thursday!

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  1. Preschool is a good thing for all kids. She will make some great friends, have fun and learn a few things. Lizzy is still best friends with Ally and they met in preschool when they were 3 years old.
    Also be prepared for her to get sick. Kids share everything, especially germs. This is also a good thing as it helps to build her immune system before she hits
    kindergarten. Not all kids have separation anxiety. But be prepared for good and bad days. Goes with the territory.
    When she is 3yrs old start looking for a martial arts class for her. She is adorable now and will only get cuter as she gets older and it would be good for her to learn how to protect herself.
    Both of my kids started at 3 and are now 2nd degree Black Belts. Lizzy and I are testing for 3rd degree right now. Martial arts helps with confidence and focus. And contrary to what others will tell you, yes you can be in karate and be a ballerina. Lizzy also takes ballet, pre-pointe, 2 hip hop classes and Lyrical as well as karate and running cross country and track. And she's an A/B student. Daniel is in Boy Scouts and is always hiking or backpacking, karate and track and a straight A student.
    Awesomeness runs in the family!!