Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Randomness - Barbie Edition


Sorry I wasn’t too chatty this week.  Last week I was ON TOP of my blogging.  (I finally learned how to schedule posts – yeah, I’m really late to the game on that – so that made it easy)  This week … not so much.  It was a big, busy week around here with school starting and all that, so that’s my excuse.

Here’s what’s been going on and keeping me going this week.

Jillian’s new schedule – This week Jillian began a 2-day per week program that she goes to from 9-2.  With this comes a whole new morning schedule for us.  Normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays I work from home with her here with me, so it’s pretty chill (I normally leisurely work out, since I don’t have to rush and get to the office) and she usually hangs out in her room until 9am.  Now that she’s in school on these days, we all have to be up and ready by 7:30 and out the door by 8:15.  It’s an adjustment, but we did pretty darn good this week.  And I must say, the house is so empty and quite when she’s not here.  It’s so weird.  Preparation for when she eventually grows up and goes to school all day, I guess.  Sniffle.

Running – Since I knew that Tuesdays and Thursdays were going to be ix-nay on the running, I made sure to get runs in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and then a quickie bodyweight workout from Heather on Thursday morning - which I really dug).  They were all fine runs.  Nothing great.  Not really sure I’m going to be super ready for my next 5K on the 12th for many reasons.  A) I am traveling next week and will likely not be running much; B) we are on vacation Labor Day weekend; C) we are going to Night of Joy at Disney the night before the 5K and tobyMac – the only act we’re planning on seeing – doesn’t go on until 11:55 (pm - way after my bedtime).  Sheesh.  So I don’t have super high hopes for it.  But… I’m going to keep a positive attitude. 

Travel – Yes, I am traveling next week.  I’ll be up in Hartford for work Monday-Thursday and then on Thursday night Hubs is flying in and we’re going to spend Labor Day weekend in Boston!  I am super excited.  We’ve never been to Boston, and we’ve been trying to figure out where we want to go on vacay and it just happened to work out that I had to be in Hartford the week leading up to Labor Day, so it worked out great.  We’ll be doing all of the touristy, historic things and we’re lucky enough to be in town while the Red Sox are in town, so we’ll be making our way to a game at Fenway as well!  Can’t wait!

Cool for the Summer – I am OBSESSED with this song.  I’m not sure if I’m late to the game on this, but I’ve just discovered this tune and it is my currently my favorite jam.  I kid you not, I listened to it like 9 times in a row on my way home from work the other day.  It’s so catchy!  And I find Demi Lovato to be very talented.   She’s definitely the most talented out of that group of Disney girls who all came on to the scene around the same time (Miley, Selena and Demi).  And she’s a little edgy, not freakshow Miley edgy, but good edgy.  I seriously love this song.  OK, thank you.

Stitch Fix – I got my latest Stitch Fix yesterday and it was awesome!  I will do a post on it next week, but I have got to say that I am now a fan of pencil skirts – something I never thought I would say.  More on all that later, but it just beared mentioning.  Yay Stitch Fix! 

Barbie Rock'n Royals - I mentioned a few weeks ago that Jordyn (my step daughter) landed a super cool gig as the singing voice of a character in the new Barbie Rock'n Royals movie - which is awesome in and of itself.  Well, the movie (and soundtrack) is now available through iTunes (available on DVD Sept 8) and there are a slew of videos out on YouTube.  I must say it is surreal watching an animated movie and hearing the voice of your step kid singing.  I cried, not gonna lie.  #soproud  Every number that she's in (and there are bunch in the movie) is amazing and awesome.  Here are a couple to enjoy.

This one is all J.  She plays Courtney, the blonde princess/rocker Barbie.  (does that make me sound crazy?)

And another.  This is the song that comes out of her Barbie doll as well.  Hee.  

Go watch them!  It will totally make you want to see the movie.  Even if you are an adult!!

Weekend – This weekend we have some fun on tap.  Tomorrow is Disney day.  We’re doing Magic Kingdom in the morning because Jillian is getting her first haircut at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street!  So exciting!  Then later that day we’ll be making our way over to Hollywood Studios for another Disney dining date at The Hollywood Brown Derby.  Should be fun!  Sunday, I’m packing and preparing for being gone an entire week.  Yikes! 

That’s all I’ve got.  Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

How about you … What are you up to this weekend?  Any Labor Day plans?

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