Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Randomness - Milestones

Well howdy!  It’s Friday!  How does that happen so quickly?  

Today I thought I would just do a big brain dump of what's been making me happy and keeping my occupied lately ...

Potty Training - Potty training is no joke!  The weekend before last we started with our little 3-day potty bender and it went okay - a couple of hits, a lot of misses.  However, we had to abandon our plans when Jillian developed a stomach bug last Monday (if you catch my drift - icky).  So we picked it up again this week and I have to say it's going really really well.  

We spent a lot of time in our master bathroom on Saturday.  Jillian played with my make up I gave myself a pedicure, and she sat on the potty a whole bunch.  

Anniversary - On Saturday Hubs and I celebrated our 13 year dating anniversary.  Aww.  We celebrated by going to California Grill out at Disney at The Contemporary resort.  California Grill is on the 15th floor and overlooks Magic Kingdom.  And if you time it just right, you can watch the fireworks from your table.  Cool.  It was a nice night and the food was delish.  I will do a post on it soon.

Milestones - We had a couple of Jillian milestones this week.  She graduated from swimming this week.  Her first graduation!  We've been doing Safe Start lessons with her since June, and what is normally a 6 week program has turned into a 2+ month long process because of all of the rain outs we've had this summer.  (Here's a tip - don't do swimming lessons at an outdoor pool in the summertime in Florida - it rains like every night)  But I am happy to report that she now knows how to keep herself alive and afloat if she falls in a pool.  (God forbid)

Jillian and her teacher taking a graduation selfie.  (Her final swim was in "winter clothes", hence the reason she is in pants and socks and shoes and no shirt - I had already taken it off.)

Another milestone we had this week - her first "Meet the Teacher"!  My baby starts school next week.  I say "school," it's really a Mother's Day Out program that she'll be going to 2 days a week.  I am so excited and so is she after seeing her classroom and meeting her teachers.  She even has a cubby with her name on it!  

She will be surrounded by Noahs

Potties, graduations and meet the teacher?  It's all just too much.  And next week, she's getting her first haircut.  Eee, she's growing up so fast!

tobyMac - I have been listening to tobyMac’s new album non stop since I downloaded it.  So.  Freakin.  Great.  We get to see him in concert soon at Night of Joy.  YAY!

Tarzan - Here’s a weird one. The animated Disney film Tarzan was on TV on Saturday and I forgot how great that movie is.  I think all of the Phil Collins music makes it great. (Does that statement make me sound like an old lady?  I love Phil Collins.  OK, that does.)  And it’s such a good story too.  And I didn’t know it at the time, but Tony Goldwyn (Fitz from Scandal) is the voice of Tarzan.  Nice!

Snacks - Hubs and I have been eating pretty cleanly this week (go us!), so I have been trying out some new to me snacks to keep me on track.  

I'm not a super huge fan of just plain almonds, but these honey glazed ones are the bomb.

Didn't these used to be called "rice cakes"?  Now they are "oat crisps."  Whatever, they are freakin delicious.  The blueberry flavor makes it feel like I am eating dessert.  So good!

OK now I'm hungry, so I'm going to go eat something.  Hope your Friday is going great!

How about you ... What are your fave snacks?  What are your weekend plans?

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