Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Greetings From Hartford

(again, weird font going on ... sorry - I think it's because I typed this up on my iPod on the plane)

Greetings from Hartford!   

Not my picture, but I can see this from my hotel

The last time I was here it was winter and so cold it hurt. 

 Remember this?  All that snow!  (Feb 2015)

Now it's perfectly warm and sunny - a nice departure from the Florida heat, humidity and rain. 

I traveled up yesterday via Jet Blue instead of my beloved Southwest. If you know me, you know that I am a Southwest gal and usually only fly them to and from Hartford. But they didn't have good flight times this time around so I went with the next best option. And of course, every time I fly someone other than Southwest there is always some sort of issue or snafu or something that makes me think "should've stuck with Southwest!"

Jet Blue's claim to fame is having TV to watch throughout the flight. And of course I manage to sit in the row where the TVs are on the fritz. Most of the channels didn't work and I would have TV for like 5 seconds and then it would go out and then it would come back. Annoying. 

Since airplane travel is really the only time I get uninterrupted reading time anymore, I eventually gave up and just listened to Spotify and read my new book.  I gave up on that book I told you about last week, it was so lame. Now I'm reading the new Elin Hilderbrand and it's super good so far.  

Anyway, since I wasn't using my TV, the lady beside me (yeah I was also in the middle seat - something that would never happen on Southwest), who smelled so strongly of cigarette smoke I couldn't breathe for the first five minutes I was seated next to her, was like "can I use your TV?" Oy. She was very nice, but how awkward. I felt like she was looking at me the whole flight. Weird. Again something that would need happen on Southwest. 

The good news: I fly Southwest home on Friday. Yay! 

As I mentioned last week, I am here to shoot a training video. Have I mentioned how much my job rocks? I'll let you know how that goes. 

I am also going to attempt to get in some gym time this week. Since I know I won't get up in the morning and go, I am shooting for post-work/pre-dinner to get 'er done. I'll let you know how/if that goes as well. 

Alright, that's all I've got. Hope you're having a superb week! 

How about you ... Preferred airline? Where is your favorite place to travel? 

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  1. Font looks good from here!

    Growing up we always flew to Italy to visit my moms family during the summer and we always flew with Delta. Once I started to travel on my own around the states then I would fly AirTran (which is now Southwest). My favorite place to go is still Italy. There is just so much that I love to explore, and it's so easy to get to neighboring countries.