Friday, August 7, 2015

My Debut

Helloooo Friday!  I am really glad to see you, and I am equally glad that I will be making my journey home later today (on Southwest, thankyouverymuch).  Looking forward to being reunited with my little family.  I miss them.  Life is kind of boring without them.  Thank goodness for FaceTime!

Yesterday was SO MUCH FUN!  As I mentioned earlier this week, I'm here in Hartford to shoot a training video, and we shot it all day yesterday and it was a blast.  Everything was done on a green screen so that they could superimpose me on different backdrops for different modules, so my day was spent like this.

Well, not quite that sassy, but firmly ensconced on the green screen.  (And  yes, after seeing this picture I quickly realized the need to get rid of my name badge.)

My view, my teleprompter.  It was all very fancy.

We spent the entire day shooting (and reshooting) four different modules.  I did pretty darn good considering this was my first acting gig ever in my life.  Although there were many outtakes and lots of laughing along the way.  We'll be making a blooper reel for sure!  

And there were many wardrobe changes - one for each module.  

And still shots for the module, so I'm not only acting in the video, I'm also the person on all the slides guiding you through training.  Yes, really.  And I know, I am totally laughing too!

And then things got weird...

It was a blast!  

I came back to my hotel and saw that there was a 5K going on in the park across from my hotel.  What?!! I so wish I had known that was going on, because I totally would have participated.  Bummer. Instead I went shopping (and splurged on something pretty) and ate Five Guys for dinner ... which is the exact opposite of running a 5K.  Am I right?

OK, that's all from Connecticut this go around. I am going to go soak in all of the glorious weather between now and the time I leave.  Have a fab Friday!

How about you ... What's the weather like where you are?  

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  1. Weather in So. Cal is weird. Yesterday, Lizzy and I went to Disney while the boys are on a 7 day backpacking trip with Boy Scouts. We got rained on in Disney in August in Anaheim. That NEVER happens. We don't get rain here until November!! The timing was perfect, though. It was HOT and we changed into flip flops to go on Splash Mountain, then it started raining. We got wet on the ride and in the rain, so we took advantage of it and acted like 5 yr olds and splashed in the puddles!! So much fun!!!
    Then the weather got hit and humid for awhile until it rained again, and then it finally cooled off, but still humid. Weird!!!