Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Shoes and Shampoo

I had a really crappy run yesterday morning and I’m blaming it on my shoes. 

I had a 40% off coupon for the Reebok outlet store that was burning a hole in my pocket, so we went down there on Sunday.  I wasn’t initially looking for running shoes, I was thinking some cute Skyscapes or other Disney walking shoes.  But then I started looking at their running shoes (they don’t have many) and started trying them on.  I found a pair that were so soft and cushy I just knew I had to have them.  I should have known that soft and cushy does not make a good running shoe.  But, since they were only $49.99 with a 40% off coupon I went ahead and bought them, not thinking that they’d be my new forever running shoes, but thinking I might try them out on my Monday morning run.

I did, and it was tragic.  There was absolutely no bounce to them.  Every step was like thud, thud, thud and I felt like I was literally doing damage to my feet and my back with every step.  Yeah, that’s probably not good.  There was an upside to the shoes – the insoles were so soft and smushy that it felt like little pillows enveloping my feet.  That was nice, and I'll probably wear them for bumming around, but yeah, Reebok, not best known for their running shoes.  They make like 150 different Crossfit shoes (they have special shoes for that?), but not a big selection of runners.  Ah well.

I cut my run short after a mile because I couldn’t stand my shoes.  That, and it was about to storm.  Which it did shortly after I went inside.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some right? 

Just another indicator telling me that finding the right running shoe and the right fit is of utmost importance.  Before purchasing any other shoes, I will be going to Track Shack to get fitted for the shoes that are right for me.  I’ll be doing that just after I get my 15% off coupon from my first race package for signing up for the Fanatic Series.  

The day wasn’t completely lost.  I came back home and did a few great Pinterest workouts to compensate for the short run. 

And – this is completely random and off topic, but – since I wasn’t too sweaty from my workout I decided not to wash my hair and give dry shampoo a try!  I’m a little late to the game on dry shampoo.  Everyone swears by it.  I tried it once a really long time ago and hated the way it made my hair feel.  Anyway, out of sheer laziness today I gave it a try.  A few spritzes in my sweaty, damp hair (ew, I know), let it sit, brush it out, style as normal and voila

OK, it probably doesn’t look different in pics, but I swear there is more body and texture to my hair today that I am loving.  So - dirty hair, don’t care! 

How about you … What is your running shoe of choice?  Do you use dry shampoo?

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  1. Shoe of choice is the Addidas Boost. It has lots of cushion and support.
    I've tried dry shampoo when necessary, but I still feel icky. In a pinch you can also use baby powder or talc powder. It works the same way as dry shampoo. T