Monday, August 10, 2015

Uneventful, Yet Eventful Weekend

Hello! How is it Monday already? 

I made it home on Friday night...late. My flight got delayed 2 hours on Friday (karma for talking smack about my flight up here I guess - lesson learned), so I spent 3 hours at the airport before finally boarding and getting home close to 9pm. Ahh. 

The good thing - we had absolutely nothing planned for the weekend.  Our plans were to not leave the house at all for the entire weekend. But for a good reason - we embarked on a potty training bender, 3 days indoors trying to get Jillian to peepee in the potty. Yes, fun. 


That facial expression says it all. 

So today is day three and I am off of work seeing day 3 through and I have to say we are doing okay.  There has been a fair share of accidents, but there have been a fair share of victories as well, so I am pretty proud of my potty princess.


On a totally unrelated note, I have my first 5K of the season this Saturday. Whee! It's one I have done before so I am familiar with the course and whatnot. Am I ready? Meh. We'll see. My goal is to do the whole race with 5/2 intervals (run 5 minutes, walk 2). I have some work to do this week for sure. 

I did get one run in while I was in CT last week. I visited the hotel gym and it felt weird to run on a treadmill! I haven't done that in so long. I was doing 5/2s, and feeling pretty good and then all of the sudden the treadmill just stopped and shut down. Really? And it never came back on! I officially broke it. Awesome. So I topped off my 20 minutes there with 15 minutes on the elliptical and called it a day. That was Wednesday.


On Thursday evening my plan was to go to a really ritzy beautiful area of West Hartford and go running outside. Every time I am there and I drive down this particular road I am always enamored with how beautiful it is. Tree lined streets, old, historic looking mansions, its unbelievable. I  always say I want to go for run there one day. So I made mental plans to do so Thursday night. But by the end of the day (that was the day we recorded the video) I was beat an in no mood to run (even though I know it would have been fantastic because the weather was perfection).

 So instead I went shopping and bought something exquisite and expensive (!!) and ate Five Guys for dinner. Yeah,  pretty much the exact opposite of a good, healthy run. Oh well. I'll be back in Hartford in 3 weeks so I'm putting it on my calendar now to go for my run. And I'm not deviating from the plan!

OK I'm off of to hover around Jillian some more.  Hope your Monday is off to a good start!

How about you ... What did you do this weekend?  People with kids ... any potty training tips?

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