Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans

Hello! Happy Monday!  Today is a travel day for me.  I’m heading to Connecticut for the work week and then to Boston for the long weekend and I am pretty darn excited.

We had a super busy weekend, but all fun.  Thought I’d recap the shenanigans...

Home improvement

Did I mention that we’ve been moving some rooms around upstairs?  We made a guest room Hubs’ office and we’re currently transforming our loft into my office.  There’s been a bunch of painting going on, and we even tackled STRIPES!  I’ve seen this done on home improvement shows for a long time and always wanted to do it.  Our first foray into this was a super success.  I love it!

I’ll post an “after” picture later because it’s still a work in progress (because Hubs is OCD - hehe)


Last week I had a couple of “OK” runs, doing 5/2 intervals.  I wasn’t feeling the 5/2 intervals and was just tired of running by the end.  So I decided to drop it down to 3/2 intervals on Friday and man, what a difference.  This is my happy zone for right now and it’s what I’m going to stick with for a while.  I enjoyed it so much, I woke up uber early on Saturday and did it again.  It felt great.

Jillian’s First Haircut at Disney

Jillian is 2 1/2, but she has the hair of a 5 year old.  Seriously!  It’s so long and beautiful.  I really wanted to just get her a trim, even the bottom out and even out her bangs (because right now my mom and I cut them) and so we decided that her first haircut had to be at Disney (naturally!).  They offer a “first haircut” deal where you get the haircut, a cool “first haircut” certificate, a box to keep a lock of hair in and Mickey ears commemorating the event.  FUN!  And you’d think it’s would cost an arm and a leg but it was $25.  Best deal at Disney!

The experience was so much fun and Jillian did great.  I was worried she’d be fidgety, but she was perfectly distracted by the various Disney toys they had to play with.  And after the haircut, she got her “My First Haircut” ears and then a styling complete with pigtails and pixie dust.

It was such a fun event!!  And afterwards we had lunch with a view.

Hurricane Erika

OK, so the hurricane never made it to us, but we did experience a ridiculous amount of rain on Saturday.  And of course we were out in the middle of it.  We had dinner reservations at Hollywood Studios on Saturday night and right about the time we made our way into the park is when the skies opened up.  Thankfully we made it to the restaurant without getting too soggy thanks to Mickey ponchos, umbrellas and towels and had a nice dinner.  After dinner we were hoping the rain stopped, but no.  So it was another soggy run to the car.  It was kind of crazy, but we made it.


Sunday was spent packing myself for the week, packing Jillian since she is going to my parents house while we are in Boston next weekend, packing Jillian’s school stuff so Hubs doesn’t forget anything, etc etc.  Lots of packing and preparing and laundry and whatnot.  

All in all, great weekend!  

How about you ... How was your weekend?

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  1. Long weekend for us! Friday night we had karate practice. Saturday, Lizzy and I helped with Red and Black Belt evaluations from 8-11, then had our own testing for 3rd Dan (test 4 of 5) from 12-3:30. We were supposed to stay to help with white-green belt testing, but Lizzy injured her thumb and we had to get it checked out. We ended up at Urgent care and they thought it was a sprain/strain, but by Monday it was worse so we went to the orthopedist. Turns out she has a small break in one of the bones and one of the ligaments is detached. She will need an MRI and probably hand surgery to re-attach the ligament to get full mobility and strength back.
    The injury was so random. She punched one of the other black belts during our testing and got her thumb caught in his uniform top and when she pulled her hand back, she pulled the thumb out of the socked with so much force that everything broke and snapped. IT SUCKS!
    She and I have one more test to pass before promotion. Our Grand Master understands the situation and will probably let her through without starting again. She won't be able to fight but should be able to do almost everything else.
    Oh Joy!!