Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lost Fitbit

I lost my Fitbit! 

But it's okay I found it. 

We went to the mall on Monday after work so that I could go pay a visit to my friend Michael Kors and pick up a little somethin somethin for myself (I had a gift card)...

Michael Kors Slim RunwayFreaking beautiful. I've never owned arm candy this nice before. I feel all grown up and stuff.

And we also wanted Jillian to be able to play on the mall playground for a bit since it was rainy. 

Old pic, same playground.

Afterwards we went to dinner at a little crepe place (mmm, crepes), where I took Jillian to the potty like 12 times, and it's here where the Fitbit went missing. (FYI - I wear the kind of Fitbit that you wear on your hip, so it can easily fall off sometimes.) 

Oh hey old man Zeus.  Doesn't he look old, mean and crotchety?  He is, he's 19.

I didn't realize my Fitbit was missing until right before bed when I went to take said Fitbit off. Argh!  So in the morning I called the restaurant and asked if they had found it in the bathroom or anywhere in the restaurant. They checked and said no. Blerg. 

I wasn't happy with that answer so Hubs and I decided to retrace our steps to see if we could track it down. Because Fitbits ain't cheap and I did just drop some dough on Michael Kors and I really didn't want to have to buy another one. 

So we went to the restaurant and I scoured the parking lot and the area outside around the restaurant - nothing.  

Then I went inside and was like, "hi I called about the Fitbit..."  And the girl working there said, "we found it!" Hallelujah!! Apparently it was on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant and the lawn people picked it up and took it inside. 

Seriously, what are the odds?! I was 99% sure that looking today was a lost cause, but I'm so glad we did because we found it. I feel so lucky! 

The end.

How about you ... Do you use a Fitbit or other fitness tracking device?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This or That?

The other day I was reading Courtney’s blog and she had a fun little survey.  Since I always seem to be scrounging for things to talk about, I thought I’d try it out.  Why not, right?

This or That?

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Vanilla all the way.  I don’t like chocolate.  I know, I’m weird.

Innie or Outie?

Hot hot summer or snowy winter?
Since I’m a Florida gal and have extremely limited knowledge of a snowy winter I’m going to go hot hot summer.  I was born in Chicago, but we moved when I was 1.  My family visited Chicago every Christmas, so I’m definitely familiar with cold and snow, but only to visit.  I’ve never lived in a cold climate before.

I do snow on business trips only.  Hartford, Feb 2015, negative 2 degrees and like 20 inches of snow on the ground.

Save or spend?
Save.  I’m one of those annoying people who puts half of her paycheck in savings.  Cha-ching. 

Elliptical or treadmill?
Considering I haven’t been to the gym in 2 years now (OMG), I should say neither.  However, I do love the elliptical.  It’s a workout, without being awful.  Not that the treadmill is awful, but I always sort of dread it, and I always have a fear of tripping and falling off of it.  But I do like it.  How’s that for an all over the place answer?  (And BTW, all this talk about gym equipment kind of makes me want to go to the gym.)

Banana or apple?
Both.  But if I had to choose, I’d go banana.  Easier to eat.  (I can’t just bite into an apple, I have to cut it first)

Morning or night?
Morning.  I love being up in the morning when the world is quiet.  Nighttime I’m just tired.

Love or money?
Love love love.

Lip balm or lipstick?
Lipstick.  I like lip balm, but my lips need color on them.

Butt or boobs?
Um, is this asking if I like butts or boobs better?  Or is it asking if I like my butt or my boobs better?  So confusing.

Alone or with others?
It depends on the situation.  I love my alone time - which I don’t get much of anymore, so when I do I relish in it.  But it’s also kind of lonely.  I also love being around others.  So both?

Coffee or tea?
Neither.  I don’t like hot beverages.  Or the cold versions of coffee or tea.  So yeah, neither.

Straight or curly?
Straight.  I wish I was coordinated enough to curl my hair with a flat iron or a curling iron, but I’m not.  So I just go straight.  But back in the day I used to have a mad spiral perm.  All through high school and my freshman year of college.  Yes, yes I did.

Three squares or graze all day?
Well, I don’t necessarily stick to only three meals a day, so I guess my answer would be graze.

Righty or lefty?

Beach or mountains?
Beach.  Although mountains are always so appealing to me.  But we very rarely go to the mountains. 

Sanibel Island, 2015.

Mac or PC?
Ugh, PC all the way.  I have a MacBook at home and I hate it.  I don’t understand it, it doesn’t operate like a PC, it’s confusing, it makes me mad all the time, I kind of wish I didn’t have a Mac.  Is that weird?  

Shy or outgoing?
Depends on the situation.  If I’m around people I know I’m outgoing.  If I’m alone, I’m shy.  I wish I could be outgoing all of the time, but I’m not.  

How about you ... What are  some of your answers to these?

Monday, September 28, 2015


Happy Monday!  I cannot believe it’s already the start of another week again.  Wasn’t it just Monday?

We had a fun weekend that involved a bunch of Disney including a trip out to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival with friends.  Fun!  

So here’s what’s been happening lately...

- I ran!  After lamenting last week about how I haven’t run or exercised or done anything good for my body in a long time, I finally got my butt up and got it done.  I ran twice - Wednesday (I actually wrote my Thursday post on Tuesday night) and Friday - and it was good.  I didn’t go for long (a little less than 2 miles), but I got out there and did it, and for that I’m proud.  I followed each run up with some strength routines (which I’m digging) to get a well rounded workout.  This week, I’m amping it up.

Shirt of the day - Won’t Be Stopped.

- I have a Stitch Fix coming this week, which I am really excited about.  But I also got another delivery in the mail last week...

My Walmart Beauty Box!  Don’t laugh, it’s cool.  The Fall beauty box had a bunch of cool stuff in in - like a full sized bottle of Roc Retinol Serum (which retails for $15), a John Freida Volumizing treatment, a travel sized Dove deodorant, razor and some other goodies.  All only for the $5 shipping fee.  Can’t beat free-ish stuff!

- We had a great time out at Epcot Food and Wine Festival this weekend.  We met up with some friends to see David Cook in concert (one of my favorite American Idol winners) and peruse the food/wine kiosks.  

He looks faceless.

It was so darn crowded though that we didn’t get a chance to eat much.  Fail.  Food and Wine is so much better on weeknights.  Good thing I have plans to go out there on Tuesday night!  

- And finally I just had to share this fun picture that my in laws snapped while they were hanging out with Jillian this weekend.  Hee.

Aaand that’s all I’ve got.  Hope you’re having a super Monday!

How about you ... Did you do anything cool this weekend?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Just Do the Work Already

So I mentioned the other day that I’ve been super lame and haven’t been running or exercising or eating right or doing anything I should be doing health-wise.  

Bad bad bad.

Before my trip to Hartford/Boston I was on point with my running.  I finally found my groove with the intervals (3/2 is where it’s at, for now), and I was training for my next 5K in the Track Shack Fanatic Series.  

Me, back when I was more motivated.  Like a month ago.

Then vacation happened, and although I walked the distance of two half marathons during that trip ... or a marathon if you want to think about it that way (my brain doesn’t actually comprehend the word “marathon” so...) I haven’t done a lick of exercise since then.  Like not even a push up.  Or a crunch. Or a lunge.  Like, nothing.  And I’ve been pretty okay with that.  I weighed myself this week and I haven’t gained a pound, which was baffling, but I just feel bleh.

I realize I am being super stupid and know that if I continue to be lazy its going to be so very hard to get back into a groove.  That, and I have a 5 miler in October that I’d rather not die at.  It’s at my alma mater, that would just be embarrassing.

U Can’t Finish was the (joke) slogan for my school (UCF) back in the day.  I’m not sure why, I finished in four years.  But I like how they are playing on this for the race.

So what am I going to do about it?  Well, my plan was to get my ass up on Monday morning and get outside and put one foot in front of the other in a semi-running motion.  But that didn’t happen.  It was so dark out at 6:30.  Why is it so dark in the mornings all of the sudden?  I hate when the time is about to change, it messes me up.  

But I did get up and I did get a small workout in.  I did Heather’s Bodyweight Workout (I love this workout so much), my WWE arms routine and a quickie Pilates routine.  About 30 minutes.  And ya know what, I’m feeling it.  That’s how long it’s been since I worked anything out.  It felt good, but I felt like I was missing my cardio.  Cardio always makes me feel like I worked out, without I feel like I half assed it.  I know that’s not true and that any workout is better than no workout, but still.  

So tomorrow I am going to try again to get outside and brave the darkness and go for a run.  Or maybe I’ll actually go to my gym.  I haven’t been there in ... just don’t ask.  But I’m going to do it and I’m going to get back on track.  I have to.

Saw this on Shaun T’s Instagram the other night and it sang to me.

Yes, yes, yes.  I need to PLAN and stick with it.  Schedule workouts like you schedule work meetings. I would never skip a work meeting, so why is it okay to skip a workout?  Dur.  I’m really smarter than this, I am!


OK I’m done.

How about you ... How do you motivate yourself to work out?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Ugh, I feel like I have been so lame lately.  It has been busy, busy over here and every day I intend to write and then the day just totally gets away from me.  I hate that.  But I’m here, and I’m going to get you all caught up on what’s goin’ on up in here...

- We had a fun filled weekend with a triumphant return to Epcot.  Believe it or not (and you will be shocked by this) we have not been to Epcot since June.  June!  This is a park we go to more than any other, and before this weekend we hadn’t visited all summer.  It’s been too hot, too crowded, too everything, so we waited until after Labor Day to get back out there.  I missed it.  We will be visiting a lot more regularly beginning this coming weekend.  Why?  Because this coming weekend is the start of the greatest time of the year ... Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.  Yay!  My favorite time of year.  Expect many, many trips to come.  I heart Food and Wine.  We’ll be there Saturday to see David Cook in concert.  And I have a “girls night out” date next Tuesday to go see Wilson Phillips.  Wow, I am livin’ la vida loca.  Watch out.

- I haven’t run in like a month.  Before Monday, I hadn’t worked out in equally as long.  I hate myself for this.  I’m going to do a whole self loathing post about this later this week, so stay tuned.  But I did get up and do something on Monday.  And I wore a new shirt with a message on it that I need to take seriously.

Do the work, Kerry.  Just DO IT!  
- On Saturday Hubs sent me shopping.  He said “go to the mall, I’ll watch Jillian.”  I’m not one to turn that down, so I did.  This didn’t just come out of the blue, I had mentioned (or have been mentioning a lot lately) that I really wanted to go to the mall and shop.  Not for clothes necessarily, but just to peruse.  So I did.  It was glorious.  

- Since today is the first day of Fall (when did that happen!?!?), I thought I would share with you Fall in the form of a delicious snack:

Candy corn + peanuts.  Go.  Do it now.  It’s dangerous, but it’s so delicious.  Beware.  And is it just me, or can you only eat candy corn in the Fall?  I would never even fathom eating candy corn in like March. Only in the September - November time frame.  Yes?

- I am no longer allowed to buy these.  

They are evil. I made the batch on Sunday night (12 cookies) and they were gone by Monday evening.  And I was the only person who ate them.  So bad.  But so good.

And that’s it.  You’re all caught up. 

How about you ... Any Epcot Food and Wine fans out there?  What’s your fave Fall snack?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Boston Day Three

Back to Boston...

On Sunday our biggest plan was making the trek over to Fenway for the Red Sox game.  The game didn’t begin until 1:00 so we had time to kill in the morning.  Since we walked all over the city the day before we decided to spend the morning somewhere different - Cambridge. 

Harvard had been on our “must see” list, but we weren’t sure if we’d be able to fit it in.  Luckily, we had some time to spare on Sunday morning so we made it happen.  We got up early, walked about a mile to the T station and took the T (Boston’s subway) to Cambridge.

Instantly felt smarter as soon as we walked into Harvard Yard, I’m not going to lie.  It was really a beautiful campus and soooo very different from where I went to college.  Case in point - Harvard was established in 1636; UCF (my alma mater) was established in 1963.  Different worlds.  It was cool to see a campus with so much history and heritage.  And Cambridge itself is a cool little town, and home to the only Curious George shop in the world.  Fun fact there.  

I even picked up a little souvenir for Jillian...

I have also taught her to say “I’m going to Harvard!” whenever she wears the shirt.  It doesn’t hurt to start that early.  Hee.

After putzing around Cambridge for a little while, we made our way back to Boston with just enough time to get changed and take a bunch of shameless selfies in Red Sox gear.  Neither of us are Red Sox fans at all, but when in Boston...  (Go Cubs)

Once we got that out of our systems, we walked over to another T station to get the train to Fenway.  Two subway experiences in one day!  

Fenway was just as awesome as everyone says it is.  So big, so green, so much history.  

Our seats were really good but in direct sunlight, so we literally just baked for the first three innings.

In need of a reprieve from the sun, we went down under and walked around Fenway for a few innings and ate baseball stadium things like hot dogs and Cracker Jack.  

We went back up to our seats for a few more innings and got to sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame and Sweet Caroline and then made our way back to the T.  (They were winning like 6 to 2 when we left)

We got back to downtown and wandered around Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall for a bit to pick up souvenirs before returning to our hotel for showers.  Our plan was to have a nice dinner on the North End for our last night.  And that’s exactly what we did.  Even got a little dressed up for the occasion.

On Saturday we had scoped out where we wanted to eat and decided on a place called Cafe Florentine on Hanover.  Many of the restaurants on the North End were tiny and had lines wrapped around the block.  I’m sorry but if a restaurant has a line wrapped around the block, it is not a restaurant I want to go to.  Who want to wait that long to eat?  Luckily Cafe Florentine was pretty easy to get into.  We only had to wait for them to clear off a two top before we sat down.

The food was really really good.  I had gnocchi and Hubs had spinach lasagna accompanied by the most amazing bread and wine.  It was all very very good.  And then of course afterwards we had to make a pastry run.  Because that’s what you do in Boston.  Since we had been to Mike’s the day before we decided to try Modern.

This was the line outside of Modern.  I won’t wait in a restaurant line that’s wrapped around the block, but I will wait in line for pastries for that long.  Twice.

Yes, after we got our pastries from Modern, we went over to Mike’s and stood in line there and got more pastries.  Because we’re gluttons.  Hey, when in Boston...  

Yes, that is Hubs skipping down the street with his pastry boxes.  

Thankfully our mileage tally for the day was over 10 miles, so that helped a bit.

And that was our last evening in Boston. The rest of the evening was spent packing and resting.  In the morning we had to get up and drive back to Hartford to catch our flight home.  

All in all, GREAT vacation!  I loved every minute in Boston and cannot wait to go back!

How about you ... Who is your favorite baseball team?  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Night of Joy 2015

Hey hey, happy Wednesday! 

I'm taking a break from all of the Boston stuff to chat about our fun filled Friday night at Night of Joy at Magic Kingdom! 

 I love Disney at night.

For those who don't know, Night of Joy is an evening of Christian music concerts out at Magic Kingdom. (You can read my super old recaps here and here)  Two nights, three different stages, 12 or so acts per night and Disney - it's pretty cool. 

We went solely to see tobyMac's concert (the reason we go each year), and he didn't go on until 11:55 (pm - yikes) so we had the evening to mosey around Disney.  Since Jillian was hanging out with Grandma and Papa for the evening, we took full advantage and rode rides that we normally can't ride when she is with us - namely the brand new (well it's not that new I guess, new to us) Seven Dwarfs  Mine Train. 

(not my pic)

The coaster opened in May of last year and we, the Disney fanatics we are, hadn't ridden it. The line was always like 7 hours long.  Luckily, the line on Friday was only 35 minutes, so we went for it.  The ride was great! A little short, but definitely fun. I’m glad we finally had the chance to ride it.

We met up with some friends out there and wandered around and rode Sapce Mountain and then hung around the castle stage and caught part of the MercyMe concert. I wasn't too familiar with them, but I liked what I heard. By then it was nearing 11:00 and I was starting to fade.  So we made a Dole Whip run (ohh, Dole Whip) and split an order of corndog nuggets from Casey’s (ohh, corndog nuggets).  It was definitely not the best combo at 11 o’clock at night, but we needed fuel!

After that we made our way to the castle to secure a good spot for tobyMac.  We got a great place close (ish) the the stage and proceeded to rock out to tobyMac for the next hour or so.  As always, it was beyond great.

So much energy and fun, it was just amazing.  And just like that it was 1am and time to head home.

It was a great night out, so glad we got to meet up with friends and dance and sing and have a great time.  Yay Night of Joy!  

How about you ... Anybody like tobyMac?  Been to Night of Joy?  Ridden the Mine Train?  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Boston Day Two

Hey, hey!  Ready for Boston Day Two?

Day Two in Boston was so jam packed with fun!  We walked all over the city.  And when I say all over the city, I mean like 9 miles and over 21,000 steps around the city.  

Not too shabby!  

We were up and out early, grabbed some breakfast at one of the 6 million Dunkin Donuts in the city (seriously, there is one on every corner) and made our way to Boston Common to start our trek on the Freedom Trail.  

For those unsure what the Freedom Trail is, it is a 2.5 mile path (although it felt more like 5 miles) around the city that passes by 16 significant locations in US history, going from Boston Common to the USS Constitution in Charlestown.  Stop 1: Massachusetts State House.

Thankfully the weather warmed up to the mid 70s - it was perfection!

Boston Common is like the Central Park of Boston (yet much smaller), but still beautiful.  

See that brick line?  That marks the Freedom Trail.  It’s all over the city.  You just follow it all around and it takes you to all of the spots.  Pretty darn cool.  You can’t get lost!  

During our trek we passed by a gorgeous building that was marked as Old City Hall.  It was old, and historical and had a statue of Benjamin Franklin out front.  You know what it is today?  A Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  It was a little bizarre.  

The Old State House and site of the Boston Massacre.

Faneuil Hall and a statue of Samuel Adams.

Quincy Market.  On the outside it looks like a beautiful hall.  On the inside it’s a giant food court.  #disappointing

We made our way to the North End and veered off the Freedom Trail a bit to go to a Boston favorite, Mike’s Pastry.  We heard they were the best, and judging from the line inside, that held true! 

They are known for their Italian pastries (cannoli), but I’m not a huge fan of cannoli, so I got a giant oatmeal cookie, which was amazing.  Definitely did not disappoint! 

Once we finished out sweets and found our way back to the brick line we walked past Paul Revere’s house.  

In the middle of a huge, modern city Paul Revere’s house is just sitting there amidst the big buildings.  It’s kind of crazy.  We didn’t take a tour of it, but it was cool to see it on the outside.  Yay Paul Revere.

From there we walked past the Old North Church (one if by land, two if by sea).

And then we hopped on a trolley to go across to Charlestown to see the USS Constitution and then go over to the Bunker Hill memorial.  

On our way up to Bunker Hill we passed through this really fabulous neighborhood.  

It was really pretty.  By this time our feet were beginning to ache, so we hopped back on the trolley to ride back to Boston Common.  On the way we passed through Boston Public Gardens, home of the ducks and the swan boats.  Super pretty.

We walked back to the hotel, hungry with aching feet and decided to make our way to Hingham, Mass. for lunch at Wahlburgers!

Yes, as in Mark and Donnie and the TV show!  The minute we decided to go to Boston we knew we had to go to Wahlburgers, so I am really glad we had the opportunity.  It was about 30 minutes outside of the city and pretty easy to get to.  We ordered the house burger, fries and tots. 

Everything was delicious and well worth the drive!  And now we can say we went there!

We got back to our hotel around 5:00 and had some time to kill before the fireworks on the harbor went off outside of out hotel at 9:00.  So what did we do?  Something we very very rarely get to do at home ... go to the movies!  We are probably the only people in the world who haven’t seen Jurassic World, so we grabbed an Uber (my first Uber experience) and rode to the movies!  It was good!  

The movie let out at 8:46, we grabbed another Uber, and were back at the hotel waiting for the fireworks to begin by 8:56.  Fabulous!  

Sorry for the horribly grainy picture!  

Afterwards, we grabbed a drink at the hotel bar and took our aching feet, legs, calves to bed.  Man, I was sore!  But it was a great day!!  

Stay tuned for Day Three...  

How about you ... Have you ever walked the Freedom Trail?  Anyone see Jurassic World?