Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Boston Day Two

Hey, hey!  Ready for Boston Day Two?

Day Two in Boston was so jam packed with fun!  We walked all over the city.  And when I say all over the city, I mean like 9 miles and over 21,000 steps around the city.  

Not too shabby!  

We were up and out early, grabbed some breakfast at one of the 6 million Dunkin Donuts in the city (seriously, there is one on every corner) and made our way to Boston Common to start our trek on the Freedom Trail.  

For those unsure what the Freedom Trail is, it is a 2.5 mile path (although it felt more like 5 miles) around the city that passes by 16 significant locations in US history, going from Boston Common to the USS Constitution in Charlestown.  Stop 1: Massachusetts State House.

Thankfully the weather warmed up to the mid 70s - it was perfection!

Boston Common is like the Central Park of Boston (yet much smaller), but still beautiful.  

See that brick line?  That marks the Freedom Trail.  It’s all over the city.  You just follow it all around and it takes you to all of the spots.  Pretty darn cool.  You can’t get lost!  

During our trek we passed by a gorgeous building that was marked as Old City Hall.  It was old, and historical and had a statue of Benjamin Franklin out front.  You know what it is today?  A Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  It was a little bizarre.  

The Old State House and site of the Boston Massacre.

Faneuil Hall and a statue of Samuel Adams.

Quincy Market.  On the outside it looks like a beautiful hall.  On the inside it’s a giant food court.  #disappointing

We made our way to the North End and veered off the Freedom Trail a bit to go to a Boston favorite, Mike’s Pastry.  We heard they were the best, and judging from the line inside, that held true! 

They are known for their Italian pastries (cannoli), but I’m not a huge fan of cannoli, so I got a giant oatmeal cookie, which was amazing.  Definitely did not disappoint! 

Once we finished out sweets and found our way back to the brick line we walked past Paul Revere’s house.  

In the middle of a huge, modern city Paul Revere’s house is just sitting there amidst the big buildings.  It’s kind of crazy.  We didn’t take a tour of it, but it was cool to see it on the outside.  Yay Paul Revere.

From there we walked past the Old North Church (one if by land, two if by sea).

And then we hopped on a trolley to go across to Charlestown to see the USS Constitution and then go over to the Bunker Hill memorial.  

On our way up to Bunker Hill we passed through this really fabulous neighborhood.  

It was really pretty.  By this time our feet were beginning to ache, so we hopped back on the trolley to ride back to Boston Common.  On the way we passed through Boston Public Gardens, home of the ducks and the swan boats.  Super pretty.

We walked back to the hotel, hungry with aching feet and decided to make our way to Hingham, Mass. for lunch at Wahlburgers!

Yes, as in Mark and Donnie and the TV show!  The minute we decided to go to Boston we knew we had to go to Wahlburgers, so I am really glad we had the opportunity.  It was about 30 minutes outside of the city and pretty easy to get to.  We ordered the house burger, fries and tots. 

Everything was delicious and well worth the drive!  And now we can say we went there!

We got back to our hotel around 5:00 and had some time to kill before the fireworks on the harbor went off outside of out hotel at 9:00.  So what did we do?  Something we very very rarely get to do at home ... go to the movies!  We are probably the only people in the world who haven’t seen Jurassic World, so we grabbed an Uber (my first Uber experience) and rode to the movies!  It was good!  

The movie let out at 8:46, we grabbed another Uber, and were back at the hotel waiting for the fireworks to begin by 8:56.  Fabulous!  

Sorry for the horribly grainy picture!  

Afterwards, we grabbed a drink at the hotel bar and took our aching feet, legs, calves to bed.  Man, I was sore!  But it was a great day!!  

Stay tuned for Day Three...  

How about you ... Have you ever walked the Freedom Trail?  Anyone see Jurassic World?

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