Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hi From Hartford!

Hello from the Northeast. 90 degrees here is sooo different from 90 degrees at home. I am thoroughly enjoying low low humidity and "cool" weather in the mornings and the evenings. And it's supposed to get cooler for the weekend, so our trip to Boston this weekend will have some great weather as well. Can't wait! 

I got a super pimp room this trip. It has two bathrooms! What does one person do with a hotel room (or suite) with two bathrooms? I have a living room the size of a regular hotel room, a kitchen, a separate bedroom - it's pretty awesome. And if that wasn't enough, at 9 o'clock on the night I checked in I got a phone call from the front desk telling me I had something being delivered to my room. They sent me a welcome basket with fruit and water and granola bars and popcorn. It was so nice! 

stay at this hotel every time I come here so I'm all like "yeah, I'm VIP." I then come to find out that everyone from our team who was staying at the hotel got the same thing, so I'm not as VIP as I think. Oh well. But I still have a room with two bathrooms. Pimp. 

I got to wear my awesome new pencil skirt yesterday. 

Love love love! And I got a ton of compliments because apparently I normally look like a slob when I come up here. I kid, but I never wear skirts so everyone was impressed. Today I'm wearing a dress. Blowing minds in Hartford with my style this week. Haha! 

Today is my last day of work. Hubs comes up tonight and then we're off on vacation adventures in Boston tomorrow. So excited! Have a super Labor Day weekend! 

How about you ... Have you ever been to Boston? 

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  1. Enjoy Boston - can't wait to read all about it!
    Happy vacation!
    Annster's Domain