Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Ugh, I feel like I have been so lame lately.  It has been busy, busy over here and every day I intend to write and then the day just totally gets away from me.  I hate that.  But I’m here, and I’m going to get you all caught up on what’s goin’ on up in here...

- We had a fun filled weekend with a triumphant return to Epcot.  Believe it or not (and you will be shocked by this) we have not been to Epcot since June.  June!  This is a park we go to more than any other, and before this weekend we hadn’t visited all summer.  It’s been too hot, too crowded, too everything, so we waited until after Labor Day to get back out there.  I missed it.  We will be visiting a lot more regularly beginning this coming weekend.  Why?  Because this coming weekend is the start of the greatest time of the year ... Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.  Yay!  My favorite time of year.  Expect many, many trips to come.  I heart Food and Wine.  We’ll be there Saturday to see David Cook in concert.  And I have a “girls night out” date next Tuesday to go see Wilson Phillips.  Wow, I am livin’ la vida loca.  Watch out.

- I haven’t run in like a month.  Before Monday, I hadn’t worked out in equally as long.  I hate myself for this.  I’m going to do a whole self loathing post about this later this week, so stay tuned.  But I did get up and do something on Monday.  And I wore a new shirt with a message on it that I need to take seriously.

Do the work, Kerry.  Just DO IT!  
- On Saturday Hubs sent me shopping.  He said “go to the mall, I’ll watch Jillian.”  I’m not one to turn that down, so I did.  This didn’t just come out of the blue, I had mentioned (or have been mentioning a lot lately) that I really wanted to go to the mall and shop.  Not for clothes necessarily, but just to peruse.  So I did.  It was glorious.  

- Since today is the first day of Fall (when did that happen!?!?), I thought I would share with you Fall in the form of a delicious snack:

Candy corn + peanuts.  Go.  Do it now.  It’s dangerous, but it’s so delicious.  Beware.  And is it just me, or can you only eat candy corn in the Fall?  I would never even fathom eating candy corn in like March. Only in the September - November time frame.  Yes?

- I am no longer allowed to buy these.  

They are evil. I made the batch on Sunday night (12 cookies) and they were gone by Monday evening.  And I was the only person who ate them.  So bad.  But so good.

And that’s it.  You’re all caught up. 

How about you ... Any Epcot Food and Wine fans out there?  What’s your fave Fall snack?

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