Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lost Fitbit

I lost my Fitbit! 

But it's okay I found it. 

We went to the mall on Monday after work so that I could go pay a visit to my friend Michael Kors and pick up a little somethin somethin for myself (I had a gift card)...

Michael Kors Slim RunwayFreaking beautiful. I've never owned arm candy this nice before. I feel all grown up and stuff.

And we also wanted Jillian to be able to play on the mall playground for a bit since it was rainy. 

Old pic, same playground.

Afterwards we went to dinner at a little crepe place (mmm, crepes), where I took Jillian to the potty like 12 times, and it's here where the Fitbit went missing. (FYI - I wear the kind of Fitbit that you wear on your hip, so it can easily fall off sometimes.) 

Oh hey old man Zeus.  Doesn't he look old, mean and crotchety?  He is, he's 19.

I didn't realize my Fitbit was missing until right before bed when I went to take said Fitbit off. Argh!  So in the morning I called the restaurant and asked if they had found it in the bathroom or anywhere in the restaurant. They checked and said no. Blerg. 

I wasn't happy with that answer so Hubs and I decided to retrace our steps to see if we could track it down. Because Fitbits ain't cheap and I did just drop some dough on Michael Kors and I really didn't want to have to buy another one. 

So we went to the restaurant and I scoured the parking lot and the area outside around the restaurant - nothing.  

Then I went inside and was like, "hi I called about the Fitbit..."  And the girl working there said, "we found it!" Hallelujah!! Apparently it was on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant and the lawn people picked it up and took it inside. 

Seriously, what are the odds?! I was 99% sure that looking today was a lost cause, but I'm so glad we did because we found it. I feel so lucky! 

The end.

How about you ... Do you use a Fitbit or other fitness tracking device?

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  1. I use one and love it. But I use the Fitbit Charge, and it goes on your wrist. The only downside is that it doesn't record anything when I'm doing the rotating stairs at the gym. For normal people it probably would since they don't hold on to the side rails, but because I tend to trip on stairs, I hang on. I have not desire to fall off the stairclimber at the gym.
    I didn't wear it to the Spartan race on Sunday because the mud and water would have ruined it. If you want to get in amazing shape, train for a Spartan. I didn't train that much and paid the price. It was super hard. We are doing a Spartan Super (8-10 miles) and Spartan Sprint (3-5 miles) in January, so I need to really get after the training. The biggest thing I need to learn to do is climb a rope. I've never had to so I never learned how.