Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Night of Joy 2015

Hey hey, happy Wednesday! 

I'm taking a break from all of the Boston stuff to chat about our fun filled Friday night at Night of Joy at Magic Kingdom! 

 I love Disney at night.

For those who don't know, Night of Joy is an evening of Christian music concerts out at Magic Kingdom. (You can read my super old recaps here and here)  Two nights, three different stages, 12 or so acts per night and Disney - it's pretty cool. 

We went solely to see tobyMac's concert (the reason we go each year), and he didn't go on until 11:55 (pm - yikes) so we had the evening to mosey around Disney.  Since Jillian was hanging out with Grandma and Papa for the evening, we took full advantage and rode rides that we normally can't ride when she is with us - namely the brand new (well it's not that new I guess, new to us) Seven Dwarfs  Mine Train. 

(not my pic)

The coaster opened in May of last year and we, the Disney fanatics we are, hadn't ridden it. The line was always like 7 hours long.  Luckily, the line on Friday was only 35 minutes, so we went for it.  The ride was great! A little short, but definitely fun. I’m glad we finally had the chance to ride it.

We met up with some friends out there and wandered around and rode Sapce Mountain and then hung around the castle stage and caught part of the MercyMe concert. I wasn't too familiar with them, but I liked what I heard. By then it was nearing 11:00 and I was starting to fade.  So we made a Dole Whip run (ohh, Dole Whip) and split an order of corndog nuggets from Casey’s (ohh, corndog nuggets).  It was definitely not the best combo at 11 o’clock at night, but we needed fuel!

After that we made our way to the castle to secure a good spot for tobyMac.  We got a great place close (ish) the the stage and proceeded to rock out to tobyMac for the next hour or so.  As always, it was beyond great.

So much energy and fun, it was just amazing.  And just like that it was 1am and time to head home.

It was a great night out, so glad we got to meet up with friends and dance and sing and have a great time.  Yay Night of Joy!  

How about you ... Anybody like tobyMac?  Been to Night of Joy?  Ridden the Mine Train?  

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