Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Randomness - A Cavalcade of Info

Sometimes I forget I have a blog over here!  Sheesh!

No, truthfully, I haven’t had a ton to talk about, so I’ve been keeping a list of things I want to chat about throughout the week and now that it’s Friday I’m going to give you a whole cavalcade of randomness.  Ready?

Exercise.  I have been keeping up with the exercise train since we last talked, which I’m proud of.  I got in 5 workouts last week and 3 this week.  Two this week were T25 workouts because I was just in that kind of sadomasochistic mood.  (Man, those workouts are tough – especially when you haven’t tried one in a while.)  And today I did a “hey it’s better than nothing” type of run/walk (mostly walk).  Eh, at least I got up and did something. 

But I’m really glad that I’m still riding the workout train.  Next week is a whole other story though…

Next week.  So next week is going to be a weird week.  The first part of the week, Monday-Wednesday, I’m at a Learning Conference in town, down at one of the Disney resorts (!).  This means that I will have to be up and out of my house, fully clothed and coiffed by 7am.  Bah.  No room for a morning workout unless I wake up in the middle of the night.  But, maybe I could sneak something in during breaks at the conference?  I’m going to try.  I am really looking forward to this conference – it’s all about new ways of learning and learning technology and all kinds of dorky stuff that relates to my job.  Steve Wozniak (“the Woz”) is the keynote speaker, so that should be really cool.  I’m kind of geeking out about that. 

The second half of the week, Hubs and I are taking a road trip up to Atlanta for a wedding.  We are leaving Thursday and coming back on Sunday, and spending part of the trip (the non-wedding part) celebrating my birthday!  We have no idea what we’re going to do there yet, but I would love to see some Fall foliage (since we don’t get that here).  So yeah, weird week, not much working out is going to happen and I’m sure I’ll be eating all of the things (like I’ve been doing this week too).  Meh.

Anniversary.  As I mentioned last week (the last time I blogged, sheesh), Hubs and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on Friday (we’ve actually been together for 13 years, so celebrating 6 years is kind of passe).  We decided to go and pamper ourselves with a massage at the Mandara Spa at The Dolphin Resort out at Disney.  It was heavenly. 

We don’t get massages often (our last one was on our 4 year anniversary – seriously, 2 years ago), so this was a treat.  And apparently I really needed one because the masseuse at one point whispered, “your shoulders are really messed up.”  Um, thanks?  After our massages we enjoyed the steam room (separately, since it was in our respective locker rooms) and the rest of the spa.  It was really relaxing. 

After that we went down to Downtown Disney and walked around.  My goal:  to buy new running shoes.  (more on that later)  That evening, we had the most amazing and delicious meal.  We had a gift card for Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and oh my.  Still the best steak in town, in my opinion.  We ate so much we were sick.  We both had filet and shared their famous au gratin potatoes and fire roasted corn (which was surprisingly delicious).  At that point we should have just stopped, but we knew we wanted to get dessert.  We had already decided on the White Chocolate bread pudding, but then our waiter brought over complimentary strawberry shortcake and chocolate truffles for our anniversary.

We ate that up and then ordered our bread pudding, because hey, why not have two desserts?  I was stuffed, but I am SO GLAD we got the bread pudding because it was quite possibly the best dessert I have had in a long time.  The bread pudding was great, but then they poured a glaze of white chocolate infused with Chambord (raspberry) liquer over the top.  Holy geez, it was good.  Wow.  They had to roll me out of there, but it really was worth it.

Jordyn.  The rest of our anniversary weekend we were running around, having fun and hanging with Jordyn!

(For those who don’t know, Jordyn is my 20 year old step-daughter who lives in LA) 

She was in town for a visit and while in town, she booked a gig at Celebration’s Rocktoberfest, so we went to watch her sing.  It was great.  As always.  

Jillian dressed up as Jordyn's Barbie character, Courtney, and sang along.

I didn’t share this with you guys, but Jordyn did something super huge and awesome.  She works as a singer/songwriter for a company that writes music for TV and movies, and one of her clients is Mattel.  (remember the Barbie movie she did?)  Well, Mattel teamed up with DC Comics to create a superhero show for young girls called DC Super Hero Girls, which will be airing later this year.  Jordyn was lucky enough to write the theme song and perform it, and they loved it and bought it!   So her song and voice will be featured on the TV show!  How cool is that?  The song is freakin fantastic and catchy and amazing and you just have to click below to watch the really fun lyric video on You Tube.  Seriously, once it's available on iTunes (later this year), it's going to be my new workout jam!  FUN!

The weekend ended with all of us going out to Food and Wine Festival at Epcot and hanging out.  Life is pretty good.

Halloween.  I am so super excited about Halloween.  This is the first Halloween where Jillian is old enough to understand and be excited about her costume.  She’s going as Tinkerbell, so it’s going to be too cute for words.  This week at her school they had a Halloween party – the 2 year olds weren’t invited to wear costumes (totally understandable), but they did get to wear Halloween shirts and decorate cookies, so that was fun.  And we took a trip to the pumpkin patch too. 

Seriously, too cute for words.

And I just hung up all of her Halloween artwork from school this week.  So adorable! 

Daylight Savings.  Can I just tell you how happy I am that daylight savings ends this weekend?  Fall back!  Gain an extra hour! 

Don't forget to "Cher" with your friends - hehe.

And the best - more light in the mornings!  It has been so hard getting up in the mornings lately.  I mean, it’s still pitch black out at 7am, what is that about?  Now with the time change 7am becomes 6am, which, by my calculation, means that it will be a little bit lighter out in the 6 o’clock hour.  Right?  I’m okay with this.

Aaaand now you’re all caught up on my life.  Aren’t you glad?  Hope you’re having a fab Friday and have a great Halloween weekend!

How about you … Are you dressing up for Halloween?  

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