Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Randomness - October Edition

Hey, hey it's Friday!  Again.  Time is flying by.  

And also, it's OCTOBER!  So now it's officially okay to start all things pumpkin and harvest-y and decorate for Halloween.  Even though it is still 90 degrees here.  

(And no, trees never look like that here.  They're always green.)

Anyway, here's some Friday randomness for you...  

- On Tuesday night I went out to a girls night out thing that my friend Kandyce put together.  Since we’re Disney people, our girls night out took us to Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival to see Wilson Phillips.  Oh yes, we are living on the edge.

(OK, I was going to post a picture of the girls from that night but I look so horrendously bad that I must refrain. It was raining and super humid out. Nuff said. Instead here's a cool Wilson Phillips  photo.)


I forgot that they had some good songs.  I really enjoyed them.  Afterwards, we wandered around the park, ate food, rode Soarin’ and just had a really nice time being out there without kids and strollers.  Disney is so different without your kids. Just sayin'.  

- On Tuesday I typed the word “Ocotober” about 97 times.  This could be a long month.

- Please do not ask me about working out or running this week.  Just don’t.  :(

- I may be late to the party on this one, but I am slightly obsessed with X Ambassadors.   They’ve popped up on my Spotify, and I’ve heard the Renegades song, but I haven’t paid that much attention.  Until now.  Loving them! 

- While I was at girls night out, Hubs took Jillian on another mall playground adventure.  She is now obsessed with malls and asks when we’re going to the mall incessantly.  We may have a mall trip planned this weekend.


- I never shared with you the final product of our painting project in our loft/my office.  A while back I told you we were tackling painting stripes on the wall. After like three weeks of OCD-ness trying to get the stripes just right (Hubs, not me.  I was like “it’s fine, just leave it!”) here is our finished product. 

I loooove it! I still have decorating to do.  I want to make a gallery wall on the wall to the left.  I’m slowly gathering frames and items to include.  It’s a process.  But I’m super excited about how it looks and I love having my own space to work when I work from home.  Sure beats the kitchen table.  

And that's it.  Hope you're October is off to a great start.  Have a super weekend! 

How about you ... Good plans for the weekend?

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