Thursday, October 22, 2015

I Need Exercise In My Life

Last week I was in a funk. Like a big one. Work was stressful, I was moody, I felt fat, I felt like I couldn't get anything done, I cried, it was just a mess. And I inherently knew exactly what I needed to do to get out of my funk - exercise. Truth. 

As I have incessantly told you, I haven't been working out lately. Like at all. And this clearly has a really big affect on me after a while. I can always feel myself getting irritable and miserable when I'm not working out regularly. And I always know the remedy - go for a run, go for a walk, do something. I'm not sure why I ever stop doing normal workouts, because I know how it will make me feel.  And then I just complain about it.  So dumb. 

Anyway, I had my 5-miler on Sunday and it could not have come at a more perfect time. Was I prepared for it? Hell no. But it forced me to do what I needed to do to get out of my funkiness. And it worked. After my run I felt an instant gratification, and an instant happiness, like I did something great for my overall being. Not just my body, but my being. Endorphins are for real! And I knew I wanted, I needed, to keep it up. Because it's important, on a multitude of different levels. 

So I decided that I was going to change my routine so that I could make exercise work for me every morning (or at least almost every morning). This does require me to set the alarm for an ungodly, oh dark thirty hour, but I'm willing to do what I need to do to stay happy and healthy. 

Monday I was up and in my workout clothes by 5:30(am). Since I had run 5-miles the previous day, I kept things simple by doing a couple of easy but kinda hard workouts I found on Pinterest:

It felt great to move, but it was a heck of a lot of push ups.  I was amazed at how much I got accomplished in addition to my workout before 8am. Workout, emails, work stuff, blogging... Wow, who knew? 

By the end of Monday I was so sore I could barely walk, so for my Tuesday workout I took a short walk around the neighborhood and did an easy arm workout (because my arms, chest and armpits were all sore from all the push ups from the Monday workout - meh). By the end of Tuesday I realized I probably needed to take a rest day on Wednesday since I was still so very sore, so I did. No shame. 

Today Jillian was up at 4:30(am), sort of crying, sort of having a conversation with herself, but she was up so I was up. Not out of bed, just awake and aware. And of course my alarm was set to go off in a mere 45 minutes. She finally settled back in after 5, and since I was already up, I got up and out. Running in the 5 o'clock hour is dark. Like, I can see the stars and the moon dark. But peaceful. So I did a 25 minute run/walk around the well lit areas of our neighborhood and then did a quick strength workout (Heather's Bodyweight Workout). 

One thing I will say about getting up and getting things accomplished early is the fact that I already have half of my days step goal complete before 7am. That's pretty cool. 

All in all, I feel great this week. So much better than last week, and I truly believe it's the exercise and endorphins and the fact that I'm not eating as much crap (because there has been a lot of crap consumed lately). So hooray for being back on some kind of wagon. I clearly need exercise in my life and I'm going to try to not be so dense and feel the need to skip it and be lazy.  

Go me. 

How about you ... What motivates you to work out?

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