Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Fun

Totally meant to post this yesterday but things got hectic, so today it is!! 

This weekend was one of those non-stop weekends where we crammed a lot in and got a lot done.  I love weekends like that. 

On Saturday we got up and out fairly early for another mall stop.  Last week Jillian did the mall playground tour, and this weekend we visited another mall for kicks so that she could roam around and have some fun.  That child loves to run and climb.  

We got home and had a little bit of time to chill out, and then we were out the door again.  We decided since the weather was so nice (read: not stupid hot), we’d go out and enjoy the weather.  We weren’t in the mood to go to a Disney park, so we opted to go out to Fort Wilderness and mosey around there for a while.  We rarely go out there, so it was a nice change of pace.  We had dinner, let Jillian play and roam, and it was just a nice night.  Did I mention the weather was lovely?  Upper 70s and low(er) humidity.  Nice!  

On Sunday Hubs took Jillian out for a day of fun so that I could get some things done.  And get things done I did.  I really really wanted to get some Fall/Halloween decorating done and I was getting antsy that it wasn’t done yet, being October 4th and all - ha.

When I got our Halloween decor out I decided that I needed some new stuff, so off to Homegoods I went.  Dude, I could spend so much money at Homegoods.  Love that place!  I found all kinds of great stuff.  Our house right now is a hybrid of Fall and Halloween.  Since Jillian is still young, we’re not all in on Halloween just yet, so it’s a little of both.  AKA, a little all over the place.  Whatever, it works.



I also found my most favorite candle ever and bought them all.  They’re hard to find and I can only find them at Homegoods at this time of year, so when I find them, I buy them.  Smells like Fall.

Yankee Candle Fields. It's not a real scent that you can get in stores. I can only find them at Homegoods. In the fall.

I also made a run to JoAnn and Target where I picked up this cute top, which I most likely won’t be able to wear until February, but I was in the Fall spirit so I went with it.  

Sorry for the phone screenshot. I do everything from my phone these days. 

When I got home, I got to work decorating and got the house done before Hubs and Jillian got back.  And then I caught up on some TV - Nashville and Scream Queens (is anyone watching this - it’s crazy, but hilarious).  

And then as if we couldn’t cram any more into the day, we made an Epcot trip that evening for Food and Wine and met up with some friends.  A great ending to a great weekend.  

Love that!  

How about you ... How was your weekend?  How was the weather where you are?  

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  1. Busy weekend. Last weekend was the Spartan race (so much fun and muddy). This weekend was Black belt team practice on Friday night, Cross country meet on Saturday followed by Lizzy going to Homecoming with her best friend. On Sunday was our final test for 3rd Dan. After 3.5 hours of running, sparring, grappling, 2 on 1 sparring, forms (20 of them), self defense, kicking and hand combinations, we were done and tired. We passed everything! This Saturday is promotion!!

    On top of that, my iphone died after I upgraded to the new iOS. Instead of getting a new one right away, I spent a ton of time with techs on the phone and at the genius bar at Apple trying to get the phone to work. I finally ended up having the battery changed out at an aftermarket repair shop ($40) and thought the problem was solved. NO! The phone wouldn't take a charge, so back to Apple. They did a factory reset and the phone died with 10% battery and wouldn't charge. I bit the bullet and bought the iphone 6S. For kicks, I plugged the old phone in at home and left it to charge over night. Plugging it in sucked the battery dry at first and then by morning I had 33% and it was taking a charge. Now it works just fine! GRRRRRR!!! I ended up keeping the new phone and Mike took my old phone (he had a 4S and I had a 5).