Monday, October 19, 2015

U Can Finish - And I Did!

Hey guess what? I ran 5 miles yesterday! OK well I ran/walked 5 miles, but still! 5 miles! 

The U Can Finish 5-Miler held true to its name, and I did in fact make it to the finish line with absolutely zero training or physical activity in the month leading up to it. And, I even did it in less time than I anticipated. Go figure! 

The race didn't start until 8am, so I didn't have to wake up terribly early, but when that alarm went off at 6:15 I let out an audible groan. 

Side story: Jillian has been sick all week with a nasty cough/cold (aka daycare funk) and she's been sleeping with us because she gets into these awful coughing fits and I'd rather have her close as she's trying to get through it. If that makes any sense. Anyway, needless to say sleep hasn't been stellar all week and I think we all have a touch of her funk right now (Hubs more than me) so when the alarm went off I had to think "hmm should I do this?" Hubs apparently can read my mind because he said to me "just go and walk it if you have to."

The race was on campus at UCF and man, has that campus changed. I was constantly like "whoa, where did that come from?" and "where did that building go?!" throughout the race. It's totally not the same school I went to. But in the best way. I love that my school is growing and becoming awesome. 

Fun fact: UCF is number one on the list of the largest universities in the country - 52K undergrads in 2015. Bet you didn't know that! Although when I went there were considerably less and people didn't have their own computers and had to use computer labs to do work. Oh and email wasn't a thing either. Until I was a sophomore. (And no, I'm not 50) Hehe, these fun facts are just funny. 

Anyway... There were two races, a 2-miler and the 5-miler. As I was walking up, the two miler people were just starting to come through the finish chute. The winner did it in 11ish minutes. Yikes. 

The 5-miler started on time and I heard Carissa's familiar voice announcing and then we were off. My goal was 2/2 intervals, because why kill myself?

You know how the adrenaline is at the beginning of a race - high (yes even for slow runners who don't train), so I ended up busting through my first FOUR interval chimes. What does this mean? This means I ran for 8 minutes straight without stopping. Yes! Good way to start the race, but not good if I wanted to continue running throughout the five miles, so I settled into my 2/2s pretty comfortably.

I stayed on track with the intervals until after the 5K mark, and then I started taking an extra walk break here and there, but I always went back to running, which was surprising. I thought I would get to a certain point and be like "I'm done" and just walk the rest, which I didn't.  And I'm glad I didn't. 

The course was great, we started at the stadium and wound through campus  for the first 4 miles. At mile 4 we hit the, what I like to call, "downtown" part of campus where all of the shops and restaurants are. I was astounded by how many eateries they had there - Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Dominoes, Jimmy Johns, Chick Fil A, you name it. When I went there they had a cafeteria. And that's it. For real. 

Anyway, the final mile wound through "downtown" and the to the baseball stadium where we ran around the fireld. This ended up being craptastic because we ran in gravel and I got a rock in my shoe, thank goodness it was near the end. 

And then the finale of the race was running through the new (or new to me) Bright House Stadium - the football stadium. Wow!  The last probably .2 miles of the race was inside the stadium. I was tired at this point and really wanted to walk, but as soon as I entered the stadium on that giant football field I knew I had to run run run. And I did. And it was great! What a great way to end a run. 

After running around the football field, we exited the stadium and the finish line was right there, so I finished really strong and felt really good about that. 

I had no time expectations at all for this, but I had 1:15 in my mind as a very loose goal. I finished in 1:12. Right on! 

I'm bummed I didn't have my camera during the race, so I took these at the car when I got back. 

Great race, great way to get back into physical activity again. I missed it so much. I really did. This came at the right time for me and now I need to make it a point to keep up the momentum. 


How about you ... How are you today?  Did you run at this weekend?  

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  1. Ran on Friday. Took it easy with a 2.5 mile run because I had pulled a calf muscle the week before. Felt great. Also tried a contraption at the gym called Jacob's Ladder. It simulates climbing a ladder and it's tough. Did it for 10 minutes and was done!
    We went to the animal shelter this weekend and adopted 2 cats. We had to put our 18 year old cat, Tiger, to sleep about a month ago because he had cancer in his lungs and around his heart. We picked out an 8 year old orange tabby named Zoey and a 6 year old cream colored tabby named Frank. We didn't want kittens. Most folks want kittens and the adult cats end up spending their whole lives in either foster care or in the shelter, so we decided to take 2 adult cats and give them their forever home. Both are so sweet. Zoey cuddled up right away when we held her, even though she was scared. Frank fell asleep when we held him. Frank is still at the shelter getting fixed and won't come home until next Sunday.
    I love have kitties in the house again.

    Congratulations on finishing the 5 miler! Great job. I know running a race always gives me the itch to run more.