Monday, November 9, 2015

Non-Vacation Vacation to Atlanta (Part 1)

Hello! After what seems like a while, I am back to normal life. Last week was all but normal - three days driving back and forth to Disney for the Learning conference and then a trip up to Atlanta for the weekend. (I'm actually typing up this post from the car on the way back home from ATL)

We went up to Atlanta to attend a wedding on Saturday, but decided to make a mini vacation out of it. We left on Thursday, drove 7 hours north and arrived at our hotel in downtown Atlanta around rush hour 6:30. 

We found a really good deal at the Ritz-Carlton in the area we wanted to be, so we said "why not?" and booked it. We've never stayed at a Ritz before, they're pretty swanky. 

We had zero plans for the weekend, except the wedding, and made no plans to sight see or anything like that. Really it was all just fly by the seat of our pants. It's probably good that we didn't make grand plans because the weather was horrible the entire time we were there. I was really hoping for some "Fall" type weather, but no. It was warm, muggy and rainy until Sunday, and then it was freezing and rainy. No in between. Ah well. 

On Thursday night as soon as we checked in and got situated we went out to roam around for dinner. It just so happened we were only a block away from Hard Rock Cafe (that may or may not have been planned), so we went. 

That was the extent of our evening given the fact that it was "spitting" out (you know, not really raining but wet enough to be annoying).

On Friday morning I got up and did something crazy ... I went to the gym. It was the Ritz, I felt like I needed to check out a ritzy gym, so I did. It was nice, and it kind of felt great to work out on gym equipment, since I haven't been to my gym in like a thousand years. I did the bike, the elliptical and the treadmill while reading The Happiness Project (again).  I wanted to do some weights but there was a guy over in the weight area grunting so I refrained (maybe this is why I stopped going to the gym?). All in all, good way to start my day! 

We decided to take a walk over to Centennial Park and wander around for a while. It was still "spitting" out and very humid, so I was cursing the hair gods. Seriously there was really no point in washing and styling my hair that day, it just ended up being a frizzy mess. Meh. 

Since we weren't interested in going to the Coke museum or the Georgia Aquarium, there really wasn't much to do at Centennial Park except walk and feel my hair grow bigger and bigger, so we decided to take the Marta (subway) to an area called Atlantic Station. We figured we could eat, shop and go see a movie (something we so rarely get to do at home) since the weather was getting increasingly worse. 

After a short Marta ride and shuttle bus, we quickly found lunch at The Yard House and our timing was perfect because as soon as we sat down the skies opened and it flat out down poured. Thank God we were inside. As if my hair wasn't bad enough at that point. 

During lunch we decided that a movie was the way to go, so we decided to go see Spectre (James Bond) after lunch. The movie was good, but the theater experience was better. The theater had recliners. Like, you reclined in your leather easy chair and watched the movie in the prone position. It was amazing. We were sitting fairly close to the screen too so it was like you were immersed in the movie. I never want to see another movie sitting upright again! It was fabulous. 

OK I'm stopping here because this is really wordy and I'm sure this recap would be best in chunks, so stay turned for part two of our "non-vacation vacation" later this week! 

How about you  ... Ever been to Atlanta? Are you a James Bond fan? 

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  1. I've been through Atlanta but never stayed. Bond moves are pretty good, depending on who plays Bond.
    We have a couple of theaters around here with the reclining seats. It's awesome. Some will serve alcohol to your seat to enjoy while watching the movie. All will serve food from a short but decent menu. Great experience, except I can't go to a movie at one of those at night or I fall asleep....just like I do at home!