Thursday, November 5, 2015

Things I Learned at the Learning 2015 Conference

I just spent the last three days at the Elliott Masie Learning 2015 Conference, and wow, what a great three days!  Here are some things I took away from it.  

Learning is great.
People think that learning ends when you get out of school. So not true! There is always opportunity to learn more and grow in your job and everyday life. This conference expanded on all of the different concepts and modalities that you can do that. It was pretty eye opening for me, and I do this for a living. 

On Monday we had Sal Khan, the Founder of Khan Academy, as one of our keynote speakers. 

If you have never heard of or seen a Khan Academy course, please do yourself a huge favor and go here. It's mind blowing. In a nutshell Sal has created a free environment where anyone can get a world class education. His courses are geared towards younger, school aged kids but he also has adult learning topics out there as well. The way he presents learning on those universally hated topics of math and science (I disagree, I heart math) is engaging and makes you want to learn math. Crazy right? 

Listening to him speak was awesome. I did not realize it, but a) he's my age. He is a multi millionaire with an amazing, thriving concept and Bill Gates as a business partner, and he's my age. Wow; b) the Kahn Academy concept was started in answer to his young cousin one day asking him for help in math.  Proof that the simplest of things can spawn somewhat of a revolution. It was so, so cool to hear him speak. (Am I sounding geeky? Yeah maybe.) 

Being surrounded by 2000 of your peers, people who actually know what you do and do what you do, is awesome.
OMG. People at my company don't really understand what I do. They know I am a Learning Consultant, and that I design and develop training programs, but when they see me recording audio for a module, or capturing  a video of myself on my iPad, or spending countless hours scouring free music websites for the perfect song to accompany a training module, they are like, "You get paid to do that? Really?”  Yes, yes I do. Heck, I just went to a seminar on how to make a 6-second training video using Vine.  How cool is that?

Coloring is fun and therapeutic.
As part of our conference packet, they gave us a note taking book with coloring pages and a box of really cool Crayola coloring pencils. 

The curator of the conference, Elliott Masie, told us that coloring fosters creativity and encouraged us to color whenever we felt - during a session, in between sessions, whenever.  Coloring is awesome. 

I'm really lucky to be in a profession that is cool, is growing all of the time and allows me to go to really awesome things like this.
Nuff said.  

The end.

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