Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Stuff

Hello there! It's the week after Christmas - aka, the weirdest week of the year. You know what I'm talking about - the house looks like a tornado went through it because of all the new Christmas presents (100% true when you have a kid), you're kindasorta working (but not really motivated because everyone else is out) and it's a short week because of the next holiday. I think this entire week should just be made a national holiday to avoid the weirdness. Yes? 

Our Christmas was so great so I thought I would give you some of the highlights. 


We are so lucky to have our families live close to us. And we are even luckier that we can all get together as one big family for all of the holidays. It's the best. 


Here is something I thought I'd never say: I am so freakin tired of cookies. I have been baking and eating Christmas cookies for what seems like the entire month of December and I am SO SICK of them. January 1st they all go into the garbage. But, we had a blast making them! 


don't mean to sound Scrooge-y, but next year I am telling everyone they are limited to giving Jillian only two gifts. She received so much stuff from family and Santa that we are going to have to move to a bigger house! But she had an absolute blast opening gifts this year. She's finally at an age where she gets it, which is so cool!!!

Her favorite is Take Care of Me Lambie. Future doctor here. 

Since gifting is most of the time about the giving, I think Hubs and I won for best gift given. Because our parents are such a huge and wonderful help to us, and because they are just so darn great, we wanted to get them something that said a massive thank you. So we decided to take them all on the Disney cruise later this year. (!!!!) As you can imagine, it was a surprise, and a hit!! Everyone is super excited to set sail later this year! Er, next year (2016). 

All in all it was a fantastic Christmas. And it wasn't just limited to the days of Christmas, we really partied it up all month! Like at the Osbourne lights: 

In ugly Christmas sweaters (got to wear this on the ONE cold day in December )

Meeting Santa at Epcot 

Going to the Children's Nativity Pageant at Church (Jillian wanted no part of going into the sanctuary, so she watched from the vestibule and tried on costumes)

Maybe next year she'll want to be part of the play. 

And just being a family during the most wonderful time of the year. 

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!!

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