Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Love Christmas Music

Let's talk about Christmas music, okay? 

I loooove Christmas music. It makes me so happy. This weekend while we were decorating the house for Christmas, I used Spotify to create the ultimate Christmas playlist (125 songs and growing, baby!) Spotify is the absolute best and has all of my favorite Christmas albums for the picking.  Here are some of my faves...  (Warning: they are ALL over the map, so no judging)

Chipmunk Christmas - Alvin and the Chipmunks 

Yep, I said that! I grew up listening to the Chipmunks Christmas cassette tape and could never find it digitally until now (bless you Spotify). When I heard Wonderful Day for the first time in probably 25 years, I loudly sang along. Love! 

Holiday Sing Along with Mitch and the Gang - Mitch Miller

I think Mitch Miller is a polka artist.  Yeah, told you these were all over the place. My grandpa loved polka music and I think that's how my family ended up with the Mitch Miller Christmas cassette collection. Anyway, I remember listening to his songs every Christmas and whenever I hear Must Be Santa, I, again, loudly sing along. 

White Christmas - Bing Crosby 

Classic. That's all I can say - all wonderful songs by the king of Christmas. 

Merry Merry Christmas - New Kids on the  Block

have a Funky Funky Christmas every year because I love jamming out to vintage NKOTB. I saw NKOTB for the first time in concert around Christmas when I was in 7th grade and they played lots of songs from this album. So I always think of that concert when I hear these tunes. Great tunes! 

This isn't an album, just a song. But it's probably my favorite holiday song of all time. It's instrumental and you'd totally know it if you heard it. So click the link above.  It’s Christmas. 

Christmas in DiverseCity - tobyMac

This is a fairly new album and I love it. I love anything tobyMac does though so.... But he has some great ones on here. Love his funky Little Drummer Boy

Holidays for Swing - Seth MacFarlane

Yes! I was just as surprised as you are! Who knew Seth MacFarlane, the man behind Family Guy and Ted, had a Christmas album? Heck, who knew he had a Frank Sinatra singing voice?!  I did not. But this album is good!! And he has duets with Sarah Bareilles (love her) and Norah Jones too. Not bad! 

So there ya go! There is my eclectic mix of Christmas jams that make me so very happy every year. Try some out, enjoy! 

How about you ... What is your favorite holiday album/song?

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