Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I'm Still Here!

I haven't completely abandoned this blog, I swear. Yet. (Kidding)

It's been busy busy over here lately and I have a bunch of stuff to talk about, but literally no time to sit and write up a big post about it, so here's some quickie notes about what's been up in our lives. 

First off, I have sad news to report. We lost a beloved member of our family last week. 

We had to make the horrible decision to say goodbye to Zeus last Monday. As you may know, he was just two months shy of his 20th birthday. I cry often, still, a week later. 

Aside from the sad, we have been enjoying the holiday season with a few fun Disney outings - like the Osbourne Spectacle of Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Having breakfast with Minnie at Disney's Beach Club (yes, the weather is beachy here - it was 85 yesterday) 

And we have plans to go see the castle lighting at Magic Kingdom and visit Santa at Epcot later this week. Lots to do and a shrinking amount of time to do it. Why is December flying by so fast?! 

Once things settle down (aka, once I'm off of work for the holidays) I will sit down and write a proper post. Promise. For now, just wanted to stop in and say howdy!

How about you ... are you ready for Christmas? 


  1. I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to Zeus. Losing a family pet is super hard, especially when you have to make the decision to put him down. We lost Tiger this year and had to make that decision as well. He was almost 18yrs old. I cried for weeks.
    After about 6 weeks, we made the decision that the house felt empty without a cat, so we went to the local shelter and came home with 2 older cats. Everyone wants a kitten, so the older cats will spend an extended amount of time, or sometimes the rest of their lives in a shelter, and we wanted to give a couple of these sweet babies a forever home. We came home with Zoey, an 8 yr old female orange tabby; and Frank, a 6 yr old male cream colored tabby. Both also had medical issues when we got them; another reason people didn't want to take them home. Zoey had a lump in her neck, that we had removed when we got her teeth cleaned, and now she's very happy. Frank was unfixed and everyone worried that he would spray in their house to mark his territory. The shelter fixed him and we haven't had any issues with spraying. It took some time for them to adjust, but they are both very happy in their forever home.
    I would recommend, when you are ready, to get another cat from your local shelter. Kittens are fun, but you are also super busy with work and Jillian, so an older cat might be less work.

    The pain of losing your precious kitty will lessen with each day.

    1. Lizzy! I love that you are commenting! Thank you for the sweet words about our kitty. It’s still so weird that he is gone. I oftentimes have to do a double take because I think I see him out of the corner of my eye underneath the Christmas tree (his favorite spot) or in the kitchen. :( I know this will soon pass and be normal, but for now it’s so sad. I remember meeting Tiger before you were even born (how crazy does that sound?!), so I was sorry to hear that he was gone. So excited for your new kitties though! We are going to wait until Jillian is a little older before we bring another pet in to the house so that she can remember it, but adopting an older kitty may be in the cards, because you’re right, everyone wants a kitten and the older kitties are just as loving and deserving of a good home. Aww... ;)