Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Starting Early

After a month of ridiculous eating - Christmas cookies, cookie dough, more pizza than I care to mention, etc etc - and minimal exercise (pretty sure I worked out only once or twice the entire month), I knew that I needed to make a change. Stat. I hadn't gained any weight (amazingly) but I just felt bleh and not right. In addition to feeling icky and soft and full all the time, I was also moody and weepy and just not right.  I get crazy when I don't exercise, like legit crazy.  

My normal mentality at this time of year is "eh, just wait until January 1st for that 'clean slate' to begin." But why wait? I felt like I couldn't wait - for my sanity. 

So the morning after Christmas I laced up, cued up an episode of Serial and I was off. 

My plan was to walk more than run (ease into it, because, ya know) and to get as close to 3 miles as possible. I hadn't gone that distance in a while (since the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving), so it felt like a good place to be. Plus I have that pesky 10K next week, so I should probably build up some sort of mileage base, huh?

The verdict? BEST thing I did for myself all week! There is just something about endorphins. I neeeeeeed them. My mood has changed significantly, I feel better/fitter (even though I'm not working all that hard) and I'm just happier overall. Hooray for exercise! 

I did 2.75 miles on Saturday, 2.85 miles on Sunday, 2.5 miles on Monday (less because I went a different way thinking it would be more, and I miscalculated, oopsie), took a "rest day" (comical term considering, again, I'm not working that hard) on Tuesday and then did a short 1 mile loop this morning because I was a little strapped for time. 

All in all - fabulous! Now I just need to make a pact with myself to keep it up. Because, seriously, exercise is obviously necessary to my sanity and is a major part of my life that I need. So, 2016 is going to be the year of consistency for this gal. 

Love this!

But more on 2016 stuff later ...

How about you ... Did you have the post holiday blues? Does exercise help your mood? 

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