Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Five - January 15

Howdy! How is it Friday already? This week has been crazy. I had a day off in the middle of the week (Jillian's birthday), so I'm just confused right now as to which day it is. Better get a handle on it because we have a crazy weekend ahead. It's 3-year old birthday party weekend! Aaah!!! 

While I go fret over cupcakes (seriously I have dreamt about birthday cupcakes two nights this week!), here's some stuff that made my week nice. Enjoy! 

1. My Disney 10K Tee

I love this shirt! Its long sleeved (good because it's been really cold here all week), I love the fact that Minnie is on it, and it fits awesomely - not too loose, not too tight. Win! 

2. Birthday Fun

On Wednesday we kept tradition and took Jillian to Magic Kingdom for her birthday. We started the day at Crystal Palace for the character breakfast and then met up with my parents and my aunt to do Disney 3-year old style! We rode the Barnstormer (3 times!), Dumbo


It's a Small World and Hubs took Jillian on her first ride on the Teacups! 

Contrary to the look on her face in that picture, she loved it! I am so thankful, because that could have gone all kinds of wrong. She's a little daredevil though so I had no doubts. And we capped it all off by buying a $10 balloon on Main Street (another birthday tradition).

Lucky for me (and again contrary to the look on her face in that pic) she thinks the balloon is THE best present she got. She loves that thing! She even took it to bed with her the other night. All in all, fantastic day!!! Can't believe my baby girl is 3!!

3. Pinterest 
I like Pinterest. Who doesn't? I have to give a huge shout out to the big P because it has been both a super huge blessing (and a bit of a curse) in all of my birthday party planning over the last few weeks. I decided to go with a circus theme for Jillian's party, and holy cow, there are some fabulous pins out there that were my inspiration. While I like to tell myself I am not a "Pinterest party" type of person, I totally have been for this party. I love it and I hate it. Stay tuned for scenes from the big top next week!!

4. Walmart Beauty Box
It's always a nice surprise to get my Beauty Box in the mail. They come seasonally so I always forget it's coming until BOOM it's here. This one was just OK. 

The "big item" was a full bottle of Nizoral dandruff shampoo. Um, thanks? Last month it was Roc Retinol night cream, which is awesome. But hey, it's free (or free-ish). Then some Pantene hairspray and the Goody hair ties, which are awesome!! And that was it. A little disappointing, but I can't complain about free stuff. 

5. Star Wars 
We saw Star Wars for the second time last night at a theater with recliner seats. OMG, that is really the only way to see a movie. It was great. And Star Wars the second time? Even better than the first. I am still slightly obsessed with Rey and Finn, I love them so much together.

OMG I love that movie so so much!!!! 

OK I'm off to work and then it's birthday party go time!! I have two days to transform this house into the big top! Wish me luck!

How about you ... How many times have you seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

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