Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Five - January 29

Happy Friday!  After two straight days of rain and general miserableness over here, it is finally a little bit sunny and dry.  And it looks like the weekend should be pretty nice as well.  No huge plans – I have a 5K tomorrow and then we have lunch plans on Sunday, those are our only definitive plans. 

Here’s the Friday Five!

WWE Royal Rumble
Hubs and I had a fun outing on Sunday night.  We had tickets to one of the WWE’s biggest events: the Royal Rumble.  Live WWE events are so much fun.  I know that sounds silly, but they are.  There’s music, pyrotechnics, crazy fans, and then of course the ridiculously muscular athletes in spandex. Our seats were wicked close, so we had primo views of the athletes walking out, and we were literally a stone’s throw from the pyrotechnics, which made me just a little nervous. 

It was just so much fun, I can’t really explain it, so I won’t try. 

New iPod
For Christmas, Hubs got me a new 64GB iPod Touch.  Well, no, he gave me his old, unused, still fresh in the box 64 GB iPod Touch, while he got an even larger one.  Either way, it’s new to me and much appreciated, because mine is on its last leg.  

Over the weekend I turned it on and attempted to get all of my music from my old iPod onto my new iPod.  I’m pretty sure it worked because I’ve been jamming out to iPod tunes all week.  It’s been a while since I listened to my iPod on shuffle and man, do I have some gems on there!  I’ve had many moments this week where a song would come on and I’d either squeal in delight or be like “awwww yeah!”  Example, Jessica Simpson’s “A Public Affair.”  C’mon, don’t tell me you don’t secretly enjoy this song.  Remember the video with her and Christina Applegate and Eva Longoria roller skating?  Do you think they’re really friends?  Anyway, I love my new iPod.  Or my new hand me down iPod. 

PS - I just watched that video (couldn't get it to load here, but it's on YouTube).  It just makes me happy.

Just Jillian
No not my Jillian, Jillian Michaels.  And namely her new show on E!, Just Jillian.  It chronicles her life as a trainer, business owner, partner and mom.  It’s funny and intriguing to get a peek of her life.  I just love her.  I would never want to train with her or work for her (yikes), but watching her on TV again is fun.  So fun I actually checked out her podcast (The Jillian Michaels Show) and I’m enjoying it!  Yay Jillian Michaels.

American Idol
Is anyone watching American Idol anymore?  American Idol has been a huge part of our lives.  Hubs and I actually met during the first season of Idol, and the show was actually a large source of our conversations in the beginning.  Aww.  And then of course Jordyn (my step-daughter) auditioned for Idol in 2011, and made it to Hollywood.  Oh, that was probably one of the greatest experiences ever. 

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?  Jordyn auditioned in 2011 in Houston and made it past the first couple rounds of auditions and I’ll never forget when she called us and said “I’m auditioning in front of the judges!”  We had said that if she made it to the judges (back then it was J-Lo, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson) we’d make the trip out to be there.  So we got the call on Saturday night and by Sunday we had rented a van and were driving with my in-laws and Jordyn’s mom’s parents (yeah we’re one big happy family) on a road trip to Galveston, TX.  Seriously, I still to this day look at that trip as such a fun, fond memory.  We had such a blast.  And then standing there with Ryan Seacrest while Jordyn auditioned, waiting to hear if she got the golden ticket, OMG, it still brings tears to my eyes (I’m a real sap).  When she came out with her ticket to Hollywood we went nuts and I cried (thank God they didn’t put that on TV).  Such fun!  She didn't make it past Hollywood, or on TV for that matter, but who cares, the experience itself was enough.  Awesome.

Anyway… sorry for that little memory trip.  We didn’t watch Idol at all last season, but we decided that we had to watch it this year, since it’s the last season.  And damn, it’s good this season!  We’re only at the audition part, but wow, there is some great talent and I immensely enjoy Harry Connick Jr.  He is so fun and adorable.  But yeah, American Idol is awesome. 

I’ve only mentioned it like 30 times this week, but I’m running in another 5K this weekend.  That’s two weekends in a row if you’re keeping track.  Ask me how many times I have ran/walked since last week’s race.  Zero!  I am really having a hard time getting up and getting motivated and I’m really starting to get pissed at myself.  Next week things change.  This week I fixed my eating habits, next week I fix my exercise habits.  I will get back on track. 

And with that, I’m outta here.  Have a fab Friday and an equally fab weekend! 

How about you … American Idol – yay or nay?  Anyone watching Just Jillian?  Did anyone catch the Royal Rumble? (hehe)

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