Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Recipe Tuesday!

The last couple of weeks I’ve been sharing new-to-me recipes that I found on Pinterest or around the interwebs.  I think I’m officially making “new recipe Tuesday” a “thing” on the blog.  Look at me!  

This week’s recipe is another “Tasty” tutorial that Hubs found on Facebook.  FYI, Hubs is the one who introduced me to these “Tasty” videos.  Every time he sees one he’s like “we should try this!”  Which is code for “you should actually cook and make this.”  Hehe.  

So this week’s recipe is another not-so-healthy one, but with the amount of leftover party food we have from Jillian’s birthday party, this isn’t the week to start with our clean, healthy eating plan.  Once we get rid of all the party food then we can start being clean.  Until then, let’s chow down!  (that’s an awful mentality, but that’s where I’m at right now)

And now without further ado - Meatball Sub Bake (you know that sounds, and looks, good)

Take some refrigerated biscuits, I used a tube of Pillsbury Flaky Layers and cut each one into 8 small pieces and placed in a baking dish sprayed with Pam (recipe calls for a 9x13, but I used an 8x8 because it’s just the two of us).  

I think this picture is sideways?

Coat with sauce of your choice - I used Newman’s Own Marinara - and don’t be stingy.  You want it saucy!  Stir it up so all that sauce gets all over those biscuit pieces.

Take some frozen meatballs - they could be homemade or store bought, I used Celentano - and line them up on top of the biscuits.  

And then cover it all up with mozzarella.  And a little bit of parmesan if you have it.

Pop in the oven at 375 for 30 minutes and enjoy an adult beverage while you clean up.  I ran out of wine, so I opted for an Angry Orchard.  (truth be told, the only time I drink is when I’m cooking up these recipes)

And the result

How was it?  How do you think it was just by the looks?  It was delicious!  You know how I mentioned the saucier the better?  Lots of sauce is key and this was perfection!  Yum!  The flaky biscuits were flavorful and fell apart with the sauce and cheese (so good).  The meatballs were alright, I think it would be better with homemade meatballs versus frozen ones.  But it tasted like a giant meatball sub in a casserole form.  So YUM!  I’ll definitely make this one again.

How about you ... Any new recipes in your repertoire?  

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