Monday, January 25, 2016

Park Avenue 5K

Hello! Happy Monday! 

Despite running a 5K on Saturday morning, this weekend was a super duper lazy one. It was so cold outside, we opted to stay warm indoors and just hang at home for a majority of the weekend. It was nice! 

Saturday morning I got up uber early and ran the Seasons 52 Park Avenue 5.2K.  See how they did that? It was frigid outside, 40s and so very windy -  which gave it that whole "wind chill factor" thing, that I'm not super familiar with. 

I layered up, found my Mickey Mouse beanie hat and drove out to Winter Park. 

After standing around only a short while, the race began and I was off. Since I haven't done anything (and I mean anything) since the 10K, I decided to just stick to what I was comfortable with - 2/2 intervals and no expectations whatsoever. 

It went great! Like the 10K, I stuck to all of my intervals, so when my app told me to run, I ran. And when it told me to walk, I walked. And I stuck to it the whole race. Small victories, that's all I'm going for in races. 

All in all great race, albeit cold. So great, in fact, that I promptly signed up for another race next weekend - the Lady Track Shack 5K, a race that isn't part of the fanatic running series. So that's kind of exciting. Gotta keep up some kind of momentum, and if it's by doing a bunch of races, so be it. 

The rest of the day we did a bunch of cleaning and organizing - junk drawers, underneath my sink. Seriously, I have an inordinate amount of products under my sink ... half used shampoos, lotions, face products, you name it. I've vowed to not buy anything new for a while and just "shop under my sink." Craziness. 

And that's about it! I'll get into our Sunday shenanigans (namely Royal Rumble, hee) later this week. Have a great Monday! 

How about you ... How cold was your weekend? 

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