Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pinterest Food

So last week I shared with you a recipe that I found on Pinterest and actually made.  I say “actually made” because, really, how many recipes have you pinned but never tried?  Probably tons.  Me too.  

So I decided to make it a thing.  Every week (or close to it) I’m going to attempt a Pinterest recipe and share it with you.  That sounds awesome, right?  

So this week I decided to try one of those Tasty video recipes (have you seen them?  So cool!).  On Saturday night after a very long day of lounging around doing close to nothing (remember, Hubs ran the Disney Half Marathon that day, so there wasn’t much movement that day) we decided to watch some videos and try some of those recipes.  It was hard to pick one because they all look so darn delicious, but we had a taste for pizza, so we settled on the Croissant Pizza (see the Tasty video here).  Here’s how it came together.

Roll out some Pillsbury pizza dough on a cookie sheet.

Spread some marinara over that bad boy.

And then add some cheese and whatever pizza toppings you want on there.  We’re pretty vanilla when it comes to pizza toppings, so we just went with pepperoni.  

Now, roll it up.  This is harder than you might think.  And really hard when you don’t put a little flour down first.  Oops.   Yeah, my pizza dough stuck to the pan like a mofo, but I made it work.  

Now cut it into pieces and place them on the cookie sheet.  

And then finish them off by brushing them with melted butter and garlic.  That part wasn’t actually in the video, I saw that somewhere else and thought it might be a good idea.  (it was)

Bake at 375 for 20 minutes.  

And even though this recipe doesn’t call for any wine, pour yourself a glass anyway because it’s Saturday night and you deserve it.  Plus it makes cleaning the kitchen more fun.

After 20 minutes, take that yumminess out of the oven and here’s what you have:

The verdict:  They were just alright.  They look amazing, and they had the potential to be amazing, but they were a little dry.  Almost like they needed either more sauce, or less time in the oven so that they were a little more ooey gooey.  Next time I’ll try that.  

All in all though, great idea to try another Pinterest recipe!  This cooking thing is kind of fun!  

How about you ... Have you ever watched the Tasty videos?

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