Monday, January 11, 2016

The Disney 10K 2016

I ran the Disney World 10K on Friday. 

It was awesome!

I had zero expectations going into it because of my severe lack of training (what else is new?), but I actually beat last year's time by two full minutes. What?! Yes! Here's the story... 

Since this was a Minnie Mouse themed race, I pulled out my go-to Minnie running outfit. 

Since the weather was cool, but not cold, I had to add a light Nike hoodie to go with my sparkly skirt and Three Awesome Chicks shirt (Michele and I got to wear our shirts again!). So the outfit was all set, I laid out all of my stuff - iPod, headphones, Garmin, race number, etc and set my alarm. 

Yes, 3:25 am. Disney races start stupid early because, well, it's Disney and they need to get us all off the roads and out of the parks by the time the parks open at 9. So the race started at 5:30, but they like you to be there by 4:30ish so that they can start closing roads and all that. 

Anyway, I met up with Michele at 4:05 at a nearby McDonald's so that we could get in one car and go together, because the probability of us finding each other at the Epcot start would be difficult. And, we could eat yummy McDonald's after the race since we were strategically parked there. But anyway... 

We met up and made the drive to Epcot.  It rained the whole way there. Yes, rain. It didn't just rain all the way to Epcot, it rained when we got there, it rained during the race, it rained the entire time. Never stopped once! So we got to Epcot and reluctantly got out of the car in the rain and just sucked it up. We knew it was inevitable that we were going to be wet. 

We had a little bit of time before we had to be in our corrals so we wandered around, visited the porta potty and took some pics in the rain. 

Then, once the rain really started coming down we went to our respective corrals (D for me and E for her) and waited for our turn to start. 

Corral D in the house! 

It felt like a really long wait for Corral D to get called up, but finally it was our turn.  The rain couldn’t stop the excitement - seriously, why is running in a race so darn exciting?  

My plan for the race was 2/2 intervals, because they are comfy and with no training and no expectation that just sounded good.  So as soon as I crossed the start line I started running. I quickly developed a side cramp and realized “sh-- this is going to suck!”  I was winded, I was tired already (and I’d only run about 100 steps) and I quickly thought, "I’m probably going to have to walk most of this.”  

But, I kept going.  When my interval app dinged and told me to walk, I walked, and was thankful for it.  And then two minutes later when it dinged and told me to run, I ran, and it wasn’t so bad.  I felt really good actually. So I went with it.  

I continued this for 6.2 miles.  I didn’t miss an interval for the ENTIRE race.  I am really, really extremely proud of that.  

Confession: normally when I set out to do 2/2 intervals for a race, I do them spot on for a while and then at some point in the race on a walking interval when the app dings and tells me to run I go “oh, I can’t run right now, I’m going to walk another 2 minutes” and then that spirals out of control and I never run again.  Yeah, that happens more often than not.  But not during this race!  

I kept up the 2/2 intervals the whole entire time.  Even on hills.  Even through very deep puddles.  Even at the very end when I literally had nothing left.  When that app told me to run, I ran.  In the last half mile of the race I may have shuffled along really slowly, but it was running.  I wasn’t going to get to the very end and let it fall apart, I had come so far.  And I did it.  I am really proud of myself for that.  Really proud.

Did I mention that it rained the entire race?  Like, it never stopped once.  It drizzled, it poured, it spit - water was coming out of the sky for the whole darn race.  I was soaking wet on every part of my body, my shoes were so wet I felt like they had been submerged in a pool, water was dripping off of the brim of my visor, it was craziness.  But we all kept moving.

And soon, I was nearing the end.  I couldn’t believe how fast it had gone.  Not sure if it was the rain that kept me distracted, or using all of my mental capacity staying focused on the intervals (I know that’s sooo tough) or whatever, but the race went by really quickly and soon I was running down the final chute with the finish line in sight.  I heard the race announcer (not Carissa, she wasn’t there for the 10K) say “put your hands in the air!” so I did, along with the 100 other people around me, as we all happily ran through the finish line.  What a great feeling!  

Me and my mylar blanket - the only thing keeping me warm.  I was soaked but warm while running, but once I stopped I was soaked and freezing!  

And that was it.  Another Disney race done.  Another race I didn’t properly train for that I somehow miraculously made it through successfully.  And on that note, I didn’t just finish this race, I finished this race 2 minutes faster than my 10K last year.  Yeah!  I don’t know how I did that, but I did.  Must be that whole sticking with your intervals thing. 

And now, I am really excited to keep the momentum up.  I have another 10K just around the corner in March, so here’s to some training!  


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