Thursday, January 28, 2016

Truths and Confessions

So I have had some thoughts floating around my head lately and thought I'd craft them into a post I call Truths and Confessions. Intriguing huh? (Note: It's really not that exciting or intriguing)

Truth: Eating healthy(ier) is not that bad
This week I haven't been eating all the food. Lately I've been eating anything and everything (mostly of the unhealthy variety) and I just didn't really care. Fruit? What's that? Water? No, I prefer Diet Coke. Chips? Yes please! Over the weekend I put on a pair of jeans, ones that are never tight or uncomfortable, and they were, yep, tight and uncomfortable. No bueno! So I decided to adopt healthier habits - lots of water, fruit in place of salty snacks and mindless eating, and home cooked meals. Yes I have cooked every day this week. And ya know what? It's not hard and I feel so much better! I haven't tried my jeans on but I'd be willing to bet that they fit better today than they did three days ago. Not eating shit really works!! 

Confession: I signed up for the Lady Track Shack 5K this weekend for the cute shirt and medal 
I did! When I picked up my race packet last week for the Park Ave. 5.2K they had the Lady Track Shack shirt and medal on display and it was cuuuute. So much that there were several women admiring it saying that they wanted to run the race just to get the shirt. So now I don't feel so bad about my confession. Don't get me wrong I'm looking forward to the race too, and the fact that it benefits breast cancer awareness, but I'm a sucker for a pink v-neck race tee. 

Truth: I'm not fast 
Duh, I think we all know that I'm not a fast runner by any means. I jokingly posted this on Instagram after the race on Saturday. 

(sorry, had to cut off Baymax's head to get it all in)

I absolutely love that Track Shack commented saying I had a 5.2K PR (personal record). I had to laugh because me and PR do not belong in the same sentence. But they are right, this was a 5.2K PR, probably because it was my first and only 5.2K. Go me! 

Confession: I only take the stairs at work when going downstairs
OK this is only partly true. I sit on the 4th floor and my computer bag, no lie, is 30 lbs (I have a giant 17 inch monitor laptop that I cart back and forth to the office), so hoofing up four flights with that leaves me gasping for breath. It's sort of embarrassing. So my rule is to take the elevator up when I am taking my bag upstairs, but use the stairs every other time. I'm not sure why I told you that. 

And that's all.  

How about you ... Wanna share a confession or truth?

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