Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Workout

This morning when my alarm went off for me to get up and do my last run/walk before my 10K on Friday, I heard rain. Blerg! Cold and rainy = Kerry not going outside. So rather than roll over and go back to sleep, I got up and did something. (I impressed myself with this) 

As always, I headed over to my trusty  Pinterest page and looked for a workout that picqued my interest. Found this:

Loved it!! 

I did some subs though. Like anything that had less than ten reps, I did 10. Because its hardly worth the effort to get down on the floor for less than ten reps, right? Except for burpees.  I hate burpees so I only did the seven they requested. Ha.

Anyway, I did two rounds straight through with no resting, then I did a standing ab routine that has been really good for my achy back (gettin old!) and a quickie arm routine. Finished off with another round of the circuit and called it a day.

I loved this because it got my blood pumping, got me a little sweaty and made me feel good all over without fear of being sore for my race on Friday. Well except for my arms. All tallied up I ended up doing 120 push-ups (10 each time they asked (4) X three sets. Yikes. 


How about you ... What do you do when your planned workout is a no-go (due to weather or something like that)?

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