Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Five - February 26

Wow, whatta week!  Things have been super bonkers over here from a work perspective, so I had little time for anything outside of that.  Boo. 

But I am thankful to say that I made it through “hell week” and now I can relax a little bit.  And, I am going to celebrate by going on a cruise!  Ha!  The timing on our Disney cruise works out just perfectly, I just got a ton of stuff done at work and now I can go on vacay without having to worry about much.  Love that!

Since I didn’t get to chat at you all week, I have a bunch of things to chat about, so Friday Five may become Friday Six or Seven, we’ll see how it shakes out …

Grease Live!
I finally finished Grease Live last night.  It took me a couple of days, watching it in chunks, but I loved every minute of it!  It was so great and so hard to believe that it was all done live.  I felt like I was watching the movie, they were all so spot on.  Like right down to the dialogue.  Grease is one of those movies that I watched 6,000 times while I was growing up, so I can pretty much recite the movie, so I was tickled that many of the lines in Grease Live were exactly from the movie.  So fun! 

The Grammys
Yeah, I told you I am really behind on TV watching.  Finally watched the Grammys this week.  Well, I say I “watched” them, it was more like I fast forwarded through about 97% of it.  I’d stop and see who won the awards (they only gave out like six awards on TV, which I find sort of appalling – isn’t this an awards show?) and pause to watch a snippet of a performance, but for the most part, it was mostly fast forwarding.  What I saw was all just kind of “meh.”  Taylor Swift was just okay at the beginning, and I love me some Taylor.  Her speech was the best.  The tributes to Bowie and the Glenn Frey were fine.  But the Lionel Ritchie tribute (was it really a tribute since he’s still alive?) was my favorite.  And really only one part of it – the Demi Lovato part.  Holy cow, her rendition of Hello was freakin phenomenal!  Even Lionel Ritchie was like “damn girl!” when they panned to him in the audience. Amazing.  And too short.  I could have listened to her sing the whole song. 

I’m old
I was reading a magazine yesterday and there was an article on pop culture references out there now.  I finally learned what “bae” is (so dumb, why is that a thing?).  And did you know that “Netflix and chill” means having sex?  I thought Netflix and chill meant just that – you know, since Netflix is so popular now.  I had no idea…  I’m so old.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo
I have not been a dry shampoo fan in the past.  It’s always made my hair feel sooo gross.  Well, apparently I have been using the wrong kind.  In my Birchbox this month I receive Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo and, um, game changer. 

I had no idea dry shampoo could be so weightless and nice.  This stuff is awesome.  It takes the oilies out and gives my hair a little texture without making it feel like I’m wearing an animal on my head.  And it smells so good.  I am in love!  I went three days without washing my hair last weekend because of it.  Gross? 

Half Marathoning?!
Soooo… Hubs and I did something a little bit crazy yesterday.  We signed up for the Disney Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon that is taking place in April.  EEEK! 

I was perusing Instagram the other day and RunDisney posted something that said there were still spots left.  I thought this was blasphemy because all Disney races sell out in like 3 minutes, and this one went on sale a while back.  So I went to the site and sure enough you could still register.  Hubs is all about racing this year (he’s doing Disneyland in September and he wants to do the Marathon in January – so flippin crazypants), so I was like “it’ll be good for training” and he was like “let’s do it!”  So an obscene amount of money later, we’re in!  The race is April 17, so I have a solid month and a half to get my shit together.  Now I think we all know how this is going to go, I’m not going to do near enough training, I’m going start freaking out the week of the race and then everything is going to be hunky dory during the race.  So I’m not worried at all.  Hee.

Workout wagon
It is safe to say that I am firmly planted on the workout wagon again, thanks to Daily Burn.  Having Daily Burn there for me has really gotten me out of my exercise rut and has me doing some really fun, different workouts each week. I love it because of the variety and the fact that I do workouts that I normally wouldn’t do (like kickboxing).  This week has been another good one and I’m happy to report I’ve worked out the last 6 days now.  Wowee!  Here’s what I did this week:

Sunday – Bikini Butt
I am still feeling this one.  No joke!  It was short, but extremely effective.

Monday – Kickboxing Interval Training
I always shy away from kickboxing anything because I always picture Billy Blanks kicking above his head and stuff – stuff I can’t do.  This workout was challenging, but offered a modified approach if you can’t kick your leg above your head.  Good workout!

Tuesday – Pilates Classic 1
I love love love that I am doing Pilates regularly again.  My back is starting to feel much better.  Stronger core = less back pain.  Yes and yes!  Plus it’s the perfect workout to fit in on days I have to take Jillian to school – short, sweet and I don’t sweat.

Wednesday – Quick Core
I needed a running day, so I did a 30 minute run and then came home and did this 15 minute core workout.  It’s a good one! 

Thursday – Pilates Classic 1

Friday – Daily Burn 365
Since I am writing this post on Thursday, we’re going to just assume I got up and worked out today, yes? 

Doing workouts like this will definitely help in my training for the half marathon.  Now I just need to add some running/walking to the mix to make sure I’m covering all bases.  Seriously though, check out Daily Burn if you’re in a workout rut.  It’s pretty awesome.  I’m nearing the end of my free trial and I’m pretty sure I will be keeping the membership going. 

And that’s all I’ve got!  Next week is a short week for me – two days at work, one day off and then we are off to sea!  Can’t wait! 

Have a fab Friday!

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