Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Five - February 5

Aaaand it's Friday again. Not complaining  at all, but geez, time flies. 

Here's five things from this week... 

Stitch Fix
I haven't gotten a Stitch Fix in a while so I was excited when my box arrived last weekend. And then I opened my box and was like "meh." I got three tops, a dress and a pair of jeans. 

The tops were not my cup of tea at all and the dress was, um, terrible. After trying on a bunch of duds I was feeling less than confident that the jeans would be the one piece that would work for me. I mean, hello, finding pants that fit the way I like is a feat in and of itself. Well, amazingly, they were a perfect fit. (I don't have a picture, unfortunately) Comfy, a nice dark navy color and a boot cut (!!). They were awesome, and the only item I bought this time around. So it wasn't a total bust. 

I finally broke down and subscribed for Birchbox! Got my first one this week and wheee! What fun it is to get tiny little beauty products!! Some of the stuff I am sure I won't use (i.e., black liquid eyeliner - that just scares the bejeezus out of me), but the other stuff was pretty darn cool! 

Jordyn has a song on a movie soundtrack! 
Last week Hubs was looking at his iTunes and somewhere it showed recommendations of songs he might like based on his past purchases. And the song was one by Jordyn Kane (my step daughter) featured on the soundtrack for the new movie Fifty Shades of Black called Alive. We were like "what the what?!", promptly listened to it (it's awesome) and then sent her a billion text messages. So cool! She wrote and sang the song and it's pretty awesome, and is actually featured in the movie a couple of times! (However Jordyn did say it was like the worst movie ever, haha) how cool is that though? I am so freakin proud! She moved to LA to pursue her dreams and she's really doing it. It's just amazing.  Amazing!!

New hair? 
Is it weird that I took a screen shot of a random person I follow on Instagram as hair inspiration? She had just gotten her hair cut and it was super cute and made me want to cut mine. So now I walk around with a picture of this person on my phone and I don't feel creepy at all. And no I'm not sharing the picture of her here, just in case someone knows her. Hehe. But cute hair! 

New glasses
I got new glasses! After two years with my other pair, it was high time for some new frames. I did some research on the best places to buy glasses and Costco was the number one place to buy frames that don't break the bank. So I went! I got an eye exam and then perused the frames and found a pair that I absolutely loved. 

Of course they had to be the $150 Escada frames (so much for getting super cheap glasses), but whatever, I loved them so much. And overall these glasses cost me about $100 less than my old pair, and the frames on those were only $80 (do the math there, it's crazy how much all those "extras" cost at other places). Anyway, I'm super duper happy with my new glasses. Yay!

And that's it! Have a super Friday and a super Super Bowl weekend!! 

How about you ... Any good Super Bowl plans (or recipes)? 

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